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Trump Decries Mueller Probe as 'Attempted Coup' Launched by 'Dirty Cops'


Trump Decries Mueller Probe as 'Attempted Coup' Launched by 'Dirty Cops'

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

President Donald Trump said Monday that the genesis of the Mueller probe into alleged Russian election interference and obstruction of justice was "an attempted coup" that amounted to treason.

Speaking to reporters outside the White House, Trump dismissed the report as "phony" and the result of "an illegal investigation."

"Everything about it was crooked," he said. "It was an illegal investigation" launched by "dirty cops."



Insane asylum, who knows who is the doctor and who is the patient? Anyone? Take a stab at it, gently, don’t wanna hurt anyone’s feeling now, do we?



If we ever get out of this alive we need a few new REQUIREMENTS for running for President.

  1. You must release 10 years of your tax returns to the public on the day you register to run

  2. You must submit to Psychological and Physical exams on day 1 which will be made public within a couple of weeks

  3. I/Q test to be made public and a requirement that the Candidate is at least a certain ‘level’ (tx GuildF312S)

  4. No Connections to Wall Street or Corporate (to be defined)

  5. ???

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A functioning soul and an IQ above room temperature would be nice, too.

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IQ level is good - Smart people only. (Added)
DOn’t know how you quantify a functioning soul



Sounds like indictments will follow… The adminstration’s signals are clear.


  1. You must not be beholden to corporate interests and Wall Street.


good one, but how? criteria?



Dear Mr. President - we -the american people- have chipped in to buy you a new air force one. It is a Boeing 737 MAX. It kind of symbolizes you and your administration. Get the message.



The disassembly line in the Trumphouse is running 3 full shifts a day. Without even discussing the implications of the collusion/obstruction issues here: 1) Mr. Barr compared this investigation to COINTELPRO of the late 1960s. That’s hilarious since Trump’s campaign investigations came with a FISA Court-approved stamp of approval. Hoover and The Alphabets had no kissoffs from any court, it was purely illegal and a political operation out of the Bircher/Republican handbook. 2) Mueller reached no conclusion on the " beyond a reasonable doubt " yardstick of obstruction of justice. 3) DOJ’s rulings on " sitting POTUSs cannot be charged while in office " nonsense made this a classic exercise in futility.

I really don’t care if Trump dodged this bullet of collusion, or not. The obstruction charges await further adjudication, possibly. The bullets will keep flying at Trump & Co. and many Swamp People will be caught in the crossfire; Dimocrats, Republicans, The Alphabets and other lousy nogoods will be shown the door. White nationalist sympathizers have been exposed. The Uniparty and Institutional Washington will take a beating, too. The well-oiled machine has two tons of sand in its gears from all the sneaker waves that have hit it. Many of my left libertarian friends think this Trump victory in 2016 was a necessary thing, though not a good thing. I reluctantly concur with many of their assertions. " Let the dead bury the dead. "



Obviously Trumpf is an abomination. We will have to get over him and hope the country somehow recovers.



O if it were only t___p, you have mitch and the rest to buckup against. Recovery may take a long time.