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Trump Deletes Tweets Backing GOP Loser as Epic 'Bigot' Moore Wins in Alabama


Trump Deletes Tweets Backing GOP Loser as Epic 'Bigot' Moore Wins in Alabama

Jake Johnson, staff writer

President Donald Trump and the Republican leadership suffered a series of humiliating losses Tuesday, starting with the collapse of their Obamacare repeal efforts and culminating in the victory of Roy Moore—a pistol-waving Christian "theocrat" who believes communities in the United States are being


remind me to never visit Alabama - Scary!


Oh Alabam! Neil Young’s song, George Wallace, KKK, lynchings. Remind me AGAIN, who won the Civil war?


The D-party will exploit the many bigoted statements sure to flow from Moore’s piehole in their “At Least We’re Not As Bad As They Are” campaign strategy.

Probably a good move since it’s all the Ds have outside of diminishing expectations, identity politics, making their corporate puppet masters happy, paying lip service to their former working class base, and of course, talking unity while hippie punching.

Trump is the worst president in history. Yet he beat Hillary and he’s poised to defeat anyone in the lackluster line up of potential D-party 2020 candidates. Does anything better sum up the woeful state of that moribund party?


For anybody continuing to believe that it can’t get any worse than Trump, meet the Ayatollah of Alabama who is more of a theocrat than Pence and Cruz combined.

If Moore gets any more power anybody who is not a white “christian” male better be ready to “git outta Dodge” as Matt Dillon would say.


My question is who in the Hell voted for this gawd awful cretin?
Domininionism on steroids, yup, that is Moore.


Fascist bureaucrats and theocrats. They think the Hell they create is Heaven and they want to inflict it on everyone else.


Why don’t we just invite the Southern States to secede? It would sure clean up a lot of our problems here in America.


Apparently, the South did, and that’s not good!


You are going to be in for a big surprise when, in most parts of the US, the extremist right beats genuine leftist Democratic challengers by even larger margins than they do wishy-washy right-triangulating centrist ones.

There are going to be no quick fixes, the real left is going to understand that we will lose and lose and lose before we finally win. The real work will be outside of electoral politics.


You better also ask invite a lot of northern states - Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maine - to secede too. The problem with extremists like this guy is hardly confined to the south.


I’m afraid you are right, Yunzer. Most of America seems determined to self-destruct. It won’t be pretty. Chris Hedges has seen this coming for a while. That explains the darkness of his message.
Not everyone is ready to accept it, but it is real whether one believes it or not.

I agree that we are facing a long uphill struggle. It is best to face the gravity of this situation, as well as its momentum. Until we do that, and stop sniping at each other, we will not be able to overcome our real enemies. I do not use the word “enemies” lightly. The kind who gave Roy Moore a smashing victory are, in no way, unique to Alabama.


I don’t see why Trump wouldn’t support this a-h@le, when all of the “deplorables” surely loved and voted for him.


Wow, now progressives are using the “America, love it or leave it” poor reasoning. If people don’t learn to respectfully communicate our differences, and soon, there will be a civil war. No joke!
The people need to be united in resistance to the tyranny and outright omnicide going on all around us.


The US really could be heading for a break up. The divisions between the metropolitan areas and more rural areas of this country are becoming extremely clear. The main division is the argument about whether the US should have a secular government or should US be a Christina theocracy. Many Americans believe that one should only live by the laws of God and that laws made by humans have no validity. This seems to be a problem with all the scripture religions. In the Muslim countries there are many people who only accept the laws of the Koran and in Israel there are many Jews who do not accept the laws of the Israeli government and only accept the laws in the Torah. We thought this conflict between religion and the state had been solved a few centuries ago but it appears that it hasn’t. I read that one third of Californians want to live in a separate country, presumably without the states dominated by the religious right. Without the wide acceptance of the US Constitution as being the basis for law it is hard to see how the US can remain as one country.


Trump, please delete yourself to the street.

Spare our country any future embarrassment.


Isn’t democracy just wonderful.


We would know, if the U.S. was actually a democracy.


Do you seriously think Moore could have been elected in any of those states?


Relax. Sometimes my frustration gets the better of me. This time I just threw some red meat out there. OTOH, voting doesn’t work, getting involved doesn’t work (I just got my name and info on more lists begging me for $$$) I live in one of LRX’s dreaded 'Rural Areas" and frankly I’d be better off without any of the Big Cities or Big States messing with me any more.