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Trump Demands Afghan Withdrawal and Washington Panics. But It’s Time To Leave, Now.

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/17/trump-demands-afghan-withdrawal-and-washington-panics-its-time-leave-now


Looks like it’ll be tantrum time from now until either he leaves in a huff, or when he’s force ably removed for killing someone on 5th Avenue.

Meanwhile, here’s NATO head/Neocon puppet Jens Stoltenberg warning about “rapid” withdrawal, and leaving “too soon”.

Because for the MIC’s Perpetual War Machine, twenty years of slaughter is nowhere near enough.



The mention of the Soviet presence in Afghanistan is the key to this whole disaster.

Under the guise of spreading democracy, the US and its allies deliberately encouraged

the rise of despicable religious fundamentalist corruption. As is typical of rabid dogs, after the US

unleashed this beastliness and encouraged its breeding program, it turned and bit the corrupt hands

which fed it and encouraged it.

The rabid religiosity of privatizing capitalist profiteering is the kennel from which the dogs of war have

been supplied for all of the viciousness in Afghanistan and all of the other wars the US has created

to crush the possible rise of democracy.

The god of private profits is behind all of these atrocities.

Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Honduras, Iran, Venezuela, Yemen… and so many more.

Human life and the health of the environment are of little interest when it comes to the desires

of the rabid dogs of privatizing capital.

The US and its allies are their own worst enemies and this will never change as long as the

democrat/republican transmitters of the rabies of deregulated capitalism are supported by a

majority of voters. Dr. Frankenstein’s monster had more integrity and humanity.


Can’t get out NOW! CNN says the U.S. hasn’t been there long enough to stop ALL the terrorists!


Afghanistan, “The Graveyard of Empires”. 'nuff said.


The US success in Afghanistan is the Karzai poppy business, associates included.

Trump’s correct to pull troops out, but I suppose this is not quite as good as a broken watch, which would be correct once again within a day. He’s being petulant, but at least the people he’s jerking around deserve being hampered as much as possible.

This happened in Syria. The troops did not leave. They won’t leave Afghanistan. Trump is not in charge. He hasn’t been.

The more consolidated power center of the country has been auto-correcting Trump’s internal commands to maintain what they consider a coherent war strategy, but also, thereby, to maintain and extend war status.

And they have got their boy coming in in January–no showing off, no pissing contests, just energies towards empire.


Exactly! Look no further than his choices to lead the “War” Department, DOD, and international affairs…and HRC of course for the UN…


Like the time Trump said we will be taking their oil------after he screwed the Kurds-----Sen Lindsey Graham took the podium right after and said no we will not be taking the oil --it belongs to the Kurds. So Trump is calling for a war crime and the media and world just ignore him???

This is a token force----4,500 ??? The only reason they are there is to save face----we have not lost until they are all pulled-----

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Why the hell didn’t he want to jerk these people around in 2016? I really have no comprehension for this guy. He could have as commander and chief and through executive action done so much to literally guarantee his reelection. I can only conclude he is a moron who has mastered a few weird skills but just has no sense when it comes to most things.


Yes, all those troops should indeed be pulled. The article notes that:

" According to the New York Times on Monday, the number of troops in Afghanistan would be [halved] from its current level of 4,500."

Despite the title of the article, all U.S. troops are not going to be withdrawn as over 2,200 would still remain. And what Bacevich does not say is that even if [and that is a big if] all U.S. troops are finally withdrawn from Afghanistan U.S. Special Forces will in all likelihood continue to remain in that country which will do little to placate the Afghan people. And one has to wonder why Trump decided to wait until almost the last minute before he finally decided to withdraw some of the U.S. military from that beleaguered country when he had almost four years to keep his campaign promise in 2016 when he said that he was going to remove those troops from Afghanistan. And what either Trump or Biden will probably do when U.S. troops are gone is to continue bombing raids against the Taliban which will curry little favor with the Afghans.


The U.S. (and its lapdog allies like Canada) shouldn’t have invaded Afghanistan in the first place.
This perspective is sadly lacking in the article.


Biden will do exactly what Obama did - fill a deputy DoD post with a “former lobbyist” for one of the companies that supply UAVs to our military.

“Boots on the ground” is so last century. Drones are the thing now.


Is “he” Trump, Dara? The guy’s crackers. He’s not an anti-war anything; he’s just not a particularly pro-war anything either. He’s not a competent executive, and he might not be an incompetent executive either, in some sense. He’s a lousy ally, deceptive and self-interested, with a perverse pride in his exploits as a grifter.

I complain a lot about Joe Biden and pretended least-worst politics because don’t think that we gain when the John Boltons and Steve Bannons and Mike Pompeos and Jeffrey Epsteins and NSA and black ops have fully owned and Bidenesque in-house allies, but I don’t think we need to burst too many brain cells working out how Trumpishness corresponds to any sort of coherent policy. I don’t think that it is any special inability on your part to make sense out of things that makes Trump confusing. He got promoted light-years past his level of expertise because the other side failed to produce an acceptable candidate, and he has been flailing for four years, like a kid with a new video game, trying to level up.

But Biden? Yeesh–clouds are gathering over Mordor, and my friends are quaffing champagne. Whatever game the folks who “panic” at hearing a withdrawal from the poppy fields in Afghanistan have planned, it is game-on now.

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Yes. He’s crackers and a grifter alright, but I thought maybe, just maybe when he must have heard some analysis of how his destruction of Jeb Bush during the primary was due to successfully attacking the stupidity of GWB and the Iraq War, he might think after becoming president - “hey if I just get these boys and girls home to their families, I could win forever no matter what else I do!”. I certainly never entertained voting for him in 2016 and I expected bad things, but yea - I did actually think it was a possibility he could have gotten us out of the Middle East.

After reading that Grayzone piece on Biden’s advisors, things are already going worse than my best hopes for him and his team. I sure hope they don’t go worse than my worst fears of this crew - because those are pretty bad.

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Well, yes, it would have been a good observation in Trump’s position. I don’t know; I never got to a point where I was predicting his next moves, even in the sort of gross left-right sense that one usually has of politicians.

I think we’re in for a darker time with Biden, honestly, partly because he’s fully and consistently on the MIC and globalist-corporatist team, and partly because we have just seen one more fairly outlandish election cycle with almost no real directed protest and no real organization to speak of on the left. Authoritarians have every reason to imagine that they can just push forward and tighten belts and leashes another notch or two.

There will be a real response at some point, but no one in power seems willing to anticipate that.

Translation: The U.S. war profiteers do not want to abandon their 20 year billions of $$$ gravy train. Forget the Taliban and al Qaeda, they are harmless compared to Amerika’s terrorists!


…which are mostly located in D.C. and corporate offices.

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I guess you must be anxious to get the US murder machine back into full gear like under the Obama/Biden regime, is it?
Biden’s army of foreign-policy transition advisers — 2,000 in number — is chock-a-block with warmongers, Russophobes, Sinophobes, Iranophobes, exceptionalists, puppets of apartheid Israel, humanitarian interventionists, and others promising nothing but trouble.
Instead of gold-plated Trump bombs, Biden’s bombs will be star spangled democracy bombs that are designed by Raytheon to spread peace and justice and universal happiness, in an ethical and politically correct way, with due regard for diversity issues.

This blind acceptance of corruption and war crimes by large swaths of the US electorate is precisely why we got Trump in the first place.

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Those who expected the Biden regime to give Americans a thoughtful, informed, post-exceptionalist foreign policy — and I am not among these people — are in for too many disappointments to list over the next four years.