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Trump Demands Networks Retaliate Against Guests Who Discussed Evidence of Collusion


Trump Demands Networks Retaliate Against Guests Who Discussed Evidence of Collusion

Julia Conley, staff writer

President Donald Trump's 2020 re-election campaign attempted to intimidate cable news networks who covered Special Counsel Robert Mueller's probe on Monday but earned only derision from journalists and others.


Add my name to “the list”.


“Ah yes, a political enemies list. Totally normal in a healthy democracy.”"

He’s following her lead:


And thus the fallout of this failed investigation begins…The damage Russiagate will do to journalism in the coming days will be unfathomable. Not like mainstream news is any good these days anyway but it certainly is better trying to form a good news media then try to destroy it completely, as Russiagate will give Trump and his supporters ample motivation to do. MSM has sown its own noose, unfortunately it will likely take the entirety of free speech with it.


The idiot Democrats were asking for this outcome. Trump is fundraising big time off of this, too.

Is the d-party praying for a recession yet? Because they should be heading into 2020. Dumbasses.

Here’s a guarantee: They’ll still cling to Russia, Bernie Bros, and Jill Stein to explain their 2016 loss.

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To be on the presidents enemy list is a thing of pride, as in the Nixon era. That is my reference. AOC is young and doesn’t understand the signifigance of such a thing. I will cut her a little slack but not much.


People quit assuming stuff. The Mueller report is still not in the hands of congress. Until the whole report and it’s ramifications are know, we know very little.


I’ve been known to believe in one or two “conspiracy theories” in my life and, well, another started shaping up yesterday.

Not only is the “Executive Branch” involved in a massive cover-up of this president’s criminality stretching back decades, but now, the “Attorney General,” major newspapers, major Television networks, House and Senate Republicans and Trump family members too, are all conspiring together to prevent Donald Trump’s criminal acts from coming to light.

We are going to need a much bigger jail for all of these scumbags, before this is all over.



  1. Denial; 2. Anger; 3. Bargaining; 4. Depression; 5. Acceptance

Didn’t Joseph Goebbels succeed in getting the media in Nazi Germany to self censor?

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The Barr Memo gives Mr Trump the power to be Mr Dictator .

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I don’t think we need bigger jails, We just need to parole the non-violent drug offenders.
Then there will be more than enough room.


I think it is time for Rachel Maddow to find another way to make a living.

Every night she bombards the airwaves with the Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming.

My God what a terrible way to make a living by trying to scare everyone that the Russians are our biggest problem.

If people cannot discern propaganda coming from Fox News, CNN, MSNBC or Russia then they are too stupid and should have their voting privileges revoked.

I think the American people know what they want and who is promoting bullshit, enough with the RUSSIA-GATE already.


I’m not understanding the tie between me willing to be on t___ps list and your reply? Clue me in, thanks.


Sorry Ditton. I think I was responding to Skeptic Tank, the post just before yours.

To your post, being on someones bad list can be a reason for pride, but a the same time dangerous as we have seen with mass shootings. I go cautious at times, and bravely into the night at others. I do enjoy your posts.


Thanks, I enjoy yours as well. For me, not enough cawfee yet, can’t forest or tree’s. :-))) Peace Bro.


I agree, but where is Rachel going to find employment that pays her $10,000,000.00 per year?


Am I wrong in thinking this currently is identical to the same path that was taken with Nixon? All we need now are Mueller’s facts? and off we go?


Except here Trump had all three branches of government, a right-wing DOJ, and was able to stack the courts before before the law suits begin. Quite different.


And now Trump can really gloat! See, I told you all this bad news about me was fake news! Goebbels would be proud of Trump.