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Trump Denounced for 'Cynical' Sabotage of Nation's Health System


Trump Denounced for 'Cynical' Sabotage of Nation's Health System

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Critics warn the president's executive order will "allow insurance companies to peddle low quality, junk plans" while driving up costs for the sick, putting the health of millions at risk


Well, we have massive hurricanes totally destroying pretty little islands, we have forest fires shearing of the landscape all over the west and we have trump collapsing our nation-state. That’s 3 for 3, yep, we are f*@#^ed.


The health system clusterfuck was a preexisting condition before Trump started trying to make it worse. Every one of our so-called elected officials knows perfectly well how to fix the insurance side with a single payer system, and they choose not to do it. Democrats are starting to make noises about a single payer system, but I don’t trust them for a second. They always find a way to undermine it and blame the Republicans. What will get their attention? Bigger street protests? There is one thing everyone can do with no risk and no effort, and that’s stop voting for them. Boycott Democrats and Republicans at every level, and tell them it’s because their parties’ corruption is killing us.


Imagine a country where reduced services for actual citizens creates insecure people who work for whatever they can get while serving royal owners of tall buildings.