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Trump Denounced for Doing Nothing as AT&T Moves to Outsource Thousands of Jobs in 2020

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/12/31/trump-denounced-doing-nothing-att-moves-outsource-thousands-jobs-2020

“They’ve gone from great hope in President Trump’s administration, to great discouragement,” Blackwell said. One place that hope should never be placed is in Trump or probably most presidents and politicians. Can anyone really name anything good that Trump has done for workers in the U.S. or for anybody beneath the 1%? Anyone who would vote for this wingnut is voting for a fraud.


Yes. I’d like to see a side-by-side comparison of promises made by candidates Obama and Twump versus promises actually kept. It would reveal how little of substance really separates them.


Marks realizing they’ve been conned by a sociopath grifter.


Stock Market and worker’s pension funds… oh and supposedly unemployment rate down… that’ll be the Republican talking points… I guess it should be easy for AT&T terminated workers to find jobs with such a low unemployment rate might go the Republican argument…


  1. move the corporate income tax rate to 50% (it was 46% until 1980).
  2. allow a “double deduction” for the wages paid to the lowest paid 90% of U.S. citizen workers.

A company with pre-tax profits of 20% of sales and the lowest paid 90% of workers’ wages amounting to 20% of total cost would:
a) Pay 50% of profit in corporate income tax if none of those 90% lowest paid were U.S. citizens
b) Pay zero tax on profit if all of those 90% lowest paid were U.S. citizens
c) Pay 25% of profit in corporate income tax if half of the wages of the lowest paid 90% were to U.S. citizens.

So President I got mine, and I’ll get yours too, strikes out again. His supporters, no doubt some of whom were among those thousands cut by AT&T, will still support their choice. Very sad.


That’s the baffling part of all of what’s happening in the US. Trumpers seem to be suffering from mass self-induced masochism.

I hope that those who were laid off vote themselves a better outcome in 2020. I don’t want to believe they’ll vote for him, but won’t be surprised if any of them do. That’s how sick the country is now.


But he has “do[ne] something on this issue”

And it’s precisely what anyone with a lick of sense should have expected.

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Like what?

Must be donors.

It will get worse.

There is at least a year left to him.

I’m confused. How should we expect the president to “do something” about outsourcing? Why can’t a company move jobs overseas? What’s immoral about that? If you ask the government to tell a company who/how it can employ its workforce you’ve eliminated the entire concept of a market economy. It would be corporatism at its most basic level. Stupid.

What we should have is an economy allows companies to make their own decisions about their workforce but not give artificial reasons to incentivize them to move jobs overseas. So a high tax state, high regulation, these are reasons a company would move jobs overseas. That’s the root problem.

Most certainly, as cons get more brazen and craven once the grifter(s)-in-chief realize they’ve reached the end game, and begin to maneuver towards their exit with their ill-gotten gains.