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Trump Denounced for 'Incitement to Violence' Against Ilhan Omar After Latest Racist Attack on Congresswoman

That is one way to rid the world of him. Problem is so many of his ilk are still procreating.


Hey Pelosi,how about impeaching him.


Conservatism has always been a congenital mental illness.

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Well hi spacecadet and thankyou for your suggestion. But at this time i have 26 million dollars to protect, so i am not really interested in playing “politics”. I don’t really want to “rock the boat” as they say. It might have serious consequences. But i will consider your appeal. Also, as i am second in line to the presidential appointment, i am just biding my time.


I’m glad someone is putting out an impeachment resolution, no matter what the reason. There are so many reasons the Siberian Candidate should be impeached – heck, his election should’ve been invalidated long ago – that I’ll accept whatever reasons given, & certainly the evidence of Benedict Donald’s racism, division, demagoguery & intimidation are abundant.

Nancy Pelosi needs to apologize to the left first. She is tacking to the Right just as Hillary did. Did Pelosi cheers when when Hillary engineered the nomination and proudly let the air out of the Democratic tires vowing, “Single-payer will never, EVER come to pass”?

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#metoo. tRumps hands smell of pu$$y grabbing; our brave Nancy Pelosi insists that anything more than a sarcastic clap would be just plain mean. “It’s not worth it” she insisted before attacking the left.

Whose side is Pelosi supporting? $$$ and power won’t get that camel into heaven.

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Nancy doesn’t know whether to go spit or just suck another Wall Street appendage like the rest of the DNC. The Donald couldn’t keep a job sweeping streets or scooping ice cream. Trump is a lying fraud and if the DNC wasn’t such a cloister fuck with the Clinton Foundation machine and the Pedesta and TPP Barry from Cainya and Bernie quitting. WE DEMOCRATS COULDN’T BE MORE DISORGANIZED AND IT IS ALL PELOSI AND SCHUMER’S FAULT. No one in their right mind votes for Trump but rest assured half this country is a racist, drunk freak and hence, we are trained to be afraid everyday, arm the morons and tell them the liberals are going to raise their taxes, take their guns and make Dora Leen’s baby brown and half of America is so braindead they believe it.
So Donald Trump being a maggot is not surprising. They are quietly gutting every federal agency while we watch Nan the Wicked Witch of the West send flying monkeys to battle Progressives. Grandma Nan has to go to pasture. NOW. ENOUGH. TURN UP THE HEAT!!! TRUMP IS GOING TO GO CRAZY TO WIN AND WHAT MAKES YOU THINK HE WON’T HAVE TO BE REMOVED WITH TANKS. Republicans are lying parasites who stole 30 percent of all corporate tax revenue for Jesus and Lindsey the Graham Cracker is channeling Hoover. Another red, white and blue American Pig. I love my country. I served my country. But we have an overwhelming, perennial bumper crop of pigs. peace.

While you make the distinction early on about ZIONIST Jews, later you talk about a “trained Jewish dog.” I must be an untrained Jewish dog, as I hate Netanyahu and all he stands for. You really come off sounding like a dyed-in-the-wool anti-Semite, which does not help advance your cause among Jews who might otherwise agree with you about current Israeli behavior (and there are plenty of us).

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Jesus H Christ
“lets vote on a resolution”
someone please kick the women in the ass


I truly appreciate your advice, it is well placed and I agree with you

I agree!

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Well said!

Slightly oversimplified. Muhammad’s army lost two men and the defenders lost twelve men.

Grossly mischaracterized, sir. Some people might think it’s in poor taste to pluck little bits out of Wiki in a lame attemt to justify your distortion of events in the life of Muhammad. Tell me you’re Muslim and I’ll apologize for saying you’re acting boorish when you stomp about on other people’s sacred territory.

Haven’t you people figured Trumps plan out yet?
Trump wants to be impeached before the election , so he does not have to face defeat.
Then he can blame his defeat on Congress, and claim, I would have won if it wasn’t for Congress.!! So, in other words, the insulting comments and psychotic behavior has just begun.

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Well, in that case I’m sorry to stomp about on your own sacred territory. You might belong to a major division of Islam, but I wouldn’t know that. Or, you may be a scholar of the times. I’m just happy that Muhammad isn’t one-dimensional about the use of violence.

Forget Phat Boy’s twits. You want to know why he did it? Look here.

If he is faced with being called a racist or being charged with rape of a minor, which do you think he will chose?

I am not Muslim either, but I’ve studied enough of Islamic sages (my current favorite: al-Ghazzali) and scriptures to know that the story you refer to is one of the most profound in Muhammad’s history, with Mahabarata-like depth and complexity of interpretation available to students of Islam. So it just seems cavalier to toss off a gem like that as an anecdotal example of something I raised as an absurdity – and unintentionally disrespectful to Islam.

But honestly, I’ve always got this disability where I sound 10 times more enraged than I really am. No biggie, dude. I know you didn’t mean it that way.

Incidentally, one of the interpretations available to Muslims when they consider the lives of their prophets is that it’s possible for them to make mistakes. Even Muhammad made mistakes like other men. (And King David did some quite vile things while he wasn’t writing spellbinding psalms on his harp, for that matter.) The idea that all our heros need to be (nearly) perfect seems to be a late development of insecure Christianity.