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Trump Denounced for 'Reckless, Irresponsible' Decision to Move US Embassy


Trump Denounced for 'Reckless, Irresponsible' Decision to Move US Embassy

Jessica Corbett, staff writer

Critics charge that relocating the Embassy "will contribute to further destabilization of the region" and "endangers the lives of Palestinians and Israelis"

bibi and david


"Trump is “pretty solid in his thinking.” Yup. He’s the ultimate bonehead, and the thinking process is impeded by a solid wall of ignorance and utter stupidity.


A possible silver lining:

The US will no longer be recognized as the mediator in negotiations between Israel and Palestine.


Relax, it’s only a stopgap measure until the Zionists move back to the dreamland of Babylon.


Can we truly believe that Trump came up with, let alone understands the consequences of this idea and action? No. But someone else did, and can. Bibi. Trump swallowed it hook, line and sinker.


I’m sure the Military Industrial Complex is licking its chops.


Kelly Anne Conway and the Mercers told me that this move would bring thousands of jobs
back to the manufacturing centers in the Midwest, and it will reduce the trade deficit with China.
It will make America great again.

Maybe it was Jared Kushner who said that, or Ivanka herself. Not sure. Sara the Huk?


Strange, isn’t it, how rapid anti-Semites and rabid Zionists both are enthusiastic for Trump. Doublethink, I guess.



I am disgusted by my own country!!


Seventy years living with smoke and mirrors -

The idea of Palestinian and Israeli states was a good one - its implementation horrific, as befits the UK empire of the time.

You would have to blind deaf and dumb not to see the ridiculous geography of the state of Israel as conceived by the charlatans of the moment in 1947.

Where are the military analysts on this site - the ones, as you point out, who are not rabid anti-semites?

Tell me how defensible the ludicrous boundaries of Israel pre- 1967 are, or are you afraid?

Posturing, politics, mediocrity, assuming virtues that are non-existent, I’m sick and tired of the whole discussion.

The Jordan River might conceivably be a natural boundary between Palestine and Israel. I’d like to see Israel take the entire Sinai, the Gaza Strip and the Golan Heights for a start.


Odd. The Babylonian captivity? Are you making some point?


Sure, the Israelis totally couldn’t defend their 1967 borders. They have the Golan Heights already. Control Gaza in true apartheid fashion. Sinai?


And for damn good reason.


Recall the alt-left arguing that Trump was hated by Neoconservatives? I mean, its as if they didn’t believe their favored candidate when he said, over and over, including his speech to AIPAC, the he would do this very thing.

Maybe I can check in with John Pilger to see if he has seen the light yet, that there was ZERO silver lining to a Trump Presidency.


So now I know you are a Zionist.


Not just Netanyahu. Mike Pence. Pence is an evangelical Christian. They believe in a Biblical prophecy that claims Jesus will return when the Temple Mount is fully restored to the Jews. I have unavoidable daily interactions with an evangelical, and while we rarely discuss politics or religion, was treated to a long explanation of why this person was voting for Trump (despite disliking everything else about the man) simply because of this one promise. This fellow does not think Trump believes in God, much less the “Second Coming” and the “Rapture”, but nonetheless insisted that God frequently uses nonbelievers to achieve a purpose - and so it was God’s will that he vote for Trump.

I queried as to what the hell the American embassy had to do with restoring the Temple, and the answer was vague and full of weird amendments to Biblical texts in an effort to make “moving the embassy” equate to “giving the Jews the entire Temple area back”. It didn’t matter to him, and it doesn’t matter to any of the evangelicals, that they have to twist the words of their most sacred book to back up this strange belief; they believe it fervently. They really and truly think that moving the embassy is a going to bring Jesus back. Pence believes this, as well, and I am sure any talk from Trump about the embassy, Jerusalem, the Jewish people, and God originate with him. Trump certainly doesn’t give a damn about any of this and has no belief system beyond getting your money into his pocket. He doesn’t object to tossing a few ripe tidbits to the religious right in the US in order to keep them in his tent, however. It’s only a plus that it makes Netanyahu happy, although naturally Netanyahu likes the idea for political reasons and doesn’t think for one hot minute that it’s going to usher in the Second Coming of the Christian messiah.

Whole thing is a game on both sides (Trump’s and Netanyahu’s), but it’s very real to the evangelical crowd in the US, who - like Mike Pence - utterly believe that moving an embassy staff from here to over there is just the ticket to convince Jesus to return on a cloud of glory. [Can I have an “amen”, brother?]


Oh well intifada number X …


Stupid is as stupid does


Trump announces a winner: “move the Israel embassy” Every politician since Mosses has promised this and we are about to name Trump permanent president status. Then Conway comes on CNN and she is so abrasive and arrogant she rivals Steven Miller and the move now becomes the most stupid move in a century. Don’t they even begin to realize that the Bannon/Fox era is over? Bannon is in the process of losing the Alabama election.
Arrogant is a euphemism for stupid guys.