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Trump Denounced for 'Reckless, Irresponsible' Decision to Move US Embassy


Who in hell made him king so he can change capital cities?

I suggest that everybody ignore the orange moron.


Jared Kushsner had Gen. Flynn contact the Russians to try and convice them to block the UN resolution against Israeli settlements, I wonder what else Netanyahu has planned for U. S. policy in the Mideast?


It’s a good sign that things are really bad, when you wax poetic for Nixon. I would much rather have him as president than the current poser, at least he had a sense of public decorum, and established the EPA. He was a much better liar than Trump ever was, and had the decency to resign before being impeached. Back then we didn’t have a media in the hands of a few powerful corporations either, which caught out the cover-up and helped unravel the lies.


Besides considering the clear foreign policy nightmare this move will create, just how many new schools in the US could be built for the price of this shiny new embassy?


“A man does what he must… and that is the basis of all morality.”

  • JFK

In the world I know, a person, or a tribe, or a nation, must assert their right to exist.

No different than when a youngster finally says - " This is the way ‘I’ am going to do it ! " - and we smile and see that a man has been born, to walk the Earth and live his destiny.

I will smile equally when the Palestinians finally have a homeland - as I will when every country in the world declares that Israel not only does exist, but has earned the right to exist.

We live in a strange and changing time, when ‘academic politeness’ and ‘political correctness’ have nearly stifled the creative spark and the joy of living life to the full that is central to existence.

It really is posturing, feigning goodness and progressive values, when the reality is entirely different - and deep down inside, we all know this.

This is an age of fear - of small men.

Time to change - out of necessity!


Jail is the appropriate place for them. I suspect Trump/Kushner owes a great deal of money to the Russians and this was a way to 1. Protect himself and his family. 2. Favor Russian interests 3. Jared Kushner is the slum landlord that married into Trump-dom for the purpose of promoting Israel within the U.S. and using our crazy congress for war, politics, and favors for Israel which he is deeply invested in due to his Orthodox Jewish religion. He also pushed the selling of millions of dollars of military aid to the Saudi’s which has caused blockades of aid to 7 million starving Yemenis a holocaust in the making, with 17 million more food insecure and one million who have cholera. Yes Jared Kushner has created a holocaust now. One of the California representatives said the USA may be complicit in Crimes against Humanity for refueling the Saudi jets midair so they could bomb and block life saving aid to these 7 million starving people most of which have nothing to do with middle east politics and just want to live, eat, and sleep. I don’t know how many people were killed in Vietnam I was too young, but I think if Kennedy had lived it may have been over much sooner. Now it seems we are back in that place were the boat has listed off course with no captain or crew.


Okay, let’s get a little sanity into this discussion.

West Jerusalem has been part of Israel since the original war in the late 1940s after the founding of Israel. Part of the big push of the Israeli side was to get to Jerusalem.

East Jerusalem remained in Arab hands and became part of Jordan until the 1967 War and it’s been occupied ever since. East Jerusalem is historic Jerusalem.

Israel claims Jerusalem is one undivided city and is part of Israel. However, all the Israeli government is in West Jerusalem, as it has been since 1949.

Let’s get this clear. The Israeli government is in West Jerusalem, not in Tel Aviv. It was only in Tel Aviv for three months in 1949. The Knesset is in West Jerusalem. The PM works and lives in West Jerusalem. The official Israeli capital according to Israel is Jerusalem and has been since 1949.

Trump didn’t change what is the capital of Israel. Trump is simply accepting the reality of where Israel’s capital is and moving the U.S. Embassy to there, instead of keeping it in Tel Aviv as some kind of symbolic gesture.

Now, what do I think? Well, I like symbolic gestures. I’d rather the U.S. continues to make that symbolic statement. But it’s empty.

What the F does it matter what symbolic statement the U.S. makes about where the capital of Israel is as long as the U.S. pours millions into the Israeli defense system that it uses to keep itself going as an apartheid state? What does it matter if the U.S. turns a blind eye to illegal settlements and periodic slaughters of Gaza? What does it matter if the U.S. has its embassy in Tel Aviv when the U.S. doesn’t sanction Israel for annexing more and more of Palestinian neighborhoods in East Jerusalem and driving the Palestinian people out of their own city?

The upset here is really just part of the Trump derangement syndrome. By that I mean people who were never upset with the same things when done by Obama or the Clintons are hysterical to the point of hyper ventilation when they find out Trump does it.

It’s like people going bonkers that Trump pulled out of the Paris Accords on climate change as if those were in any way having any impact on even reducing the rate of global warming, which they weren’t. But these folk never were upset that the Paris Accords were meaningless drivel as the Earth literally burns around us, but Trump pulling out, also a meaningless symbol, made them pull their hair out of their heads and run around screaming (metaphorically) that the world is ending.

Well, the world is ending. But Trump isn’t the problem and his symbolic gestures aren’t the cause. It’s ending because the Middle East is at constant war in large part due to a 70 year long U.S. policy of supporting Israeli oppression of Palestinians. It’s ending because the world is warming and that’s due to uncontrolled Capitalism that’s been doing this, cheered on by both parties, for hundreds of years.

I’ll be radical.

How about not recognizing Israel at all? How about pulling away our ambassador, closing our embassy, stopping all military and financial aid, and making all Israeli agents in the U.S. leave? Until Israel finally either establishes a real just, one state solution or a just two state solution?

Until we do that I don’t freaking care if the embassy is Tel Aviv or East Jerusalem.

As to Trump? He’s a buffoon and the problem is much bigger than him.


The US needs to come clean put these criminals in jail and wash ourselves of Israel.


Here is the take of Rabbi Alissa Wise, Deputy Director of Jewish Voice for Peace:

"President Trump just declared that the U.S. recognizes Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, and will move forward with plans to move the U.S. embassy there.

I have faith that one day, we’ll be strong enough to bend U.S. foreign policy toward justice— but this is really going to test it.

Because this is a reckless, deeply irresponsible decision: for Palestinians, Israelis, and all of us. And it’s on us to stand up.

In addition to the dangers this move poses for the region and geopolitical stability, it’s just flat out wrong. What we need is a U.S. policy that recognizes and addresses the root causes of the ongoing crisis in Israel/Palestine, not one that drastically inflames already existing inequities. Because what’s happening today is an expression of these larger truths:

-That throughout the last 50 years of occupation, successive Israeli governments have stripped Palestinian Jerusalemites of residency rights, citizenship, and access to any type of democratic government. Just in 2016, Israeli authorities demolished or seized 1,093 Palestinian-owned structures in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem, and 2017 is on track to exceed that number.

  • That even for the state of Israel to be created in the first place, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians were violently expelled from their homes.
  • And that for decades, the U.S. has been a one-sided champion for the Israeli government, never an impartial, honest, or productive peace broker.
    Trump’s announcement today is especially an example of that final truth. It is a cynical— and ill-advised— chess move, one that overtly aligns the U.S. with an increasingly expansionist Israel, at the expense of Palestinian people’s lives and rights, and without any regard for diplomacy.

I don’t want to sound alarmist, but I’m alarmed.

No country in the world has an embassy in Jerusalem today, because the international community doesn’t recognize Israeli jurisdiction over the city. And there’s near-global consensus that moving the Embassy is a very bad idea — from Egypt, Jordan, Turkey, and other countries in the region, and from Germany, France, and the European Union, not to mention many senior U.S. State Department officials.

There’s a reason the status of Jerusalem hasn’t been determined yet— it’s at the core of the struggle against permanent Israeli domination and Palestinian dispossession.

But the truth is, most Americans don’t have the same sinking feeling in their stomach today that I do, because so many people either don’t know this is happening, or aren’t involved in the conversation about why it matters so much. And we have to take the initiative and start conversations not just about what happened today, but what’s been happening for the last 70 years, and more.

This isn’t really about moving a building. It’s about U.S. policy moving from bad to worse. But Palestinians have been fighting for equality and justice for 70 years and longer without giving up, and we’re not going to give up now either."


The amount of war that Nixon (and Johnson) perpetrated across the world means Trump and Nixon are still in different leagues. I’m not that optimistic, but I’m hoping circumstances prevent Trump from joining this league which is the last thing we need.


Thank you for presenting unassailable history and facts via Rabbi Wise. Sanity prevails while DJT unravels and attempts to destroy our planet.


Agree with you, meant to say It is not a good sign, but I blew it.


Editing that first sentence to say It’s not a good sign…


I meant to write West Jerusalem.

I very much care about Israeli annexation of East Jerusalem and if the U.S. were moving the embassy to East Jerusalem it would be more than a symbolic gesture.

I support BDS.


What is BDS?



Yep, solid in his thinking. Dense, even


Boycott, Disinvestment, and Sanctions Movement.



Trump is utterly desperate to start some military conflict serious enough to distract attention from the ongoing investigations. He is so completely desperate that he is working on multiple fronts at the same time – North Korea, Jerusalem and a number of others. Any one of them would be bad enough on its own, but imagine the consequences should others be unstoppable by the time he realized he had succeeded on one.

The United States was already being crushed under the burden of a “war on terror” that was inherently endless and with unlimited potential for expansion. And even that isn’t enough for Donald J Trump.

This is not going to end well.


If our (so-called) “justice” system considers 60 to 70 years an appropriate sentence for peaceful nonviolent protesters who obeyed all instructions by law enforcement, wouldn’t they far more serious penalty than mere life imprisonment be appropriate for what Donald J Trump has done?


is trump buying the land he wants to put the Embassy on or is he just going to steal it?