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Trump Denounced for 'Reckless, Irresponsible' Decision to Move US Embassy


Trump is utterly desperate to start some military conflict serious enough to distract attention from the ongoing investigations. He is so completely desperate that he is working on multiple fronts at the same time – North Korea, Jerusalem and a number of others. Any one of them would be bad enough on its own, but imagine the consequences should others be unstoppable by the time he realized he had succeeded on one.

The United States was already being crushed under the burden of a “war on terror” that was inherently endless and with unlimited potential for expansion. And even that isn’t enough for Donald J Trump.

This is not going to end well.


If our (so-called) “justice” system considers 60 to 70 years an appropriate sentence for peaceful nonviolent protesters who obeyed all instructions by law enforcement, wouldn’t they far more serious penalty than mere life imprisonment be appropriate for what Donald J Trump has done?


is trump buying the land he wants to put the Embassy on or is he just going to steal it?


but trump wants to be king of that league


Here’s a good plan. Send Trump to Jerusalem. Permanently.