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Trump DHS Secretary Testifies She Has Bad Memory When It Comes to "Tough Language" Trump Used


Trump DHS Secretary Testifies She Has Bad Memory When It Comes to "Tough Language" Trump Used

Jon Queally, staff writer

Head of DHS, Kirstjen Nielsen, said she remembers "tough language" being used but says she doesn't remember Trump categorizing African nations in any specific way


As with all else with which Tweetle-Dumb is concerned, the truth of the matter will disappear down the shit-hole of fake (or Faux) news.


this might not be a popular opinion here, but is this really going to be the doggone “news” every day now? President used a naughty word about other countries? Are we seriously thinking this is the most urgent damned thing to deal with right now?

I could kick Durbin for opening this can of worms. It’s like, "well Russia gate was losing steam, so maybe we can spend a few months on “shithole gate”?

this isn’t politics, for chrissakes. it’s high school.


Yawn. I’ll wager no one here has ever, ever used a swear word in the course of a political argument. Can we get back to real issues?


I’ll wager no one here has ever had access to the nuclear launch codes either.


Like no other President has ever sworn? Remember (expletive deleted) in the Watergate tapes? Remember Obama referring to Libya as a “sh*tstorm”


Real issues?

Bigotry by a sitting President is a very “real” issue.

Don’t you agree?


I heard trump’s mouthpiece Kirstjen Nielsen on one of the Sunday talking-head shows and she was infuriating in her deflections, didn’t remembers, and just plain all pro-trump all the time lawyer-talk - a great example of the “good start” 1000 lawyers at the bottom the sea…the partisan service (if it can even be termed that) representative of the trump regime appointees that “loyally” serve trump rather than the nation should be seen as criminal and treasonous! They all should be prosecuted if we had any really non-partisan leaders!


Calling a country a “sh*thole” is an economic insult, not a racial one.


The use of obscene speech by Trump adds insult to —I.e., rubs raw—the real injury that is America’s original wound: the cruelty of racism. A deep and abiding disrespect for a people’s very existence.

What causes pain is not the language per se but the prejudice, ugliness, gross viciousness behind the words. That this obscene negativity is then associated discriminately with certain persons—so with persons reduced to disparaged categories, moreover to condemned classes at that—well, pretty soon we’re causing some real suffering.


Grounds for Trump’s impeachment, in a nutshell, is a gross failure to promote the general welfare.

A president of a minuscule one percent of the people is no president of any democracy worthy of the name.


I was going to offer a response to yours, however my fellow commenter, Ekm, said everything I wanted to but more eloquently.

Check it out WWSmith. Ekm’s comment is directly after yours.

You might possibly learn something.


Yes, it seems that people can construe anything as racism if they choose. The use of obscene speech by Trump was just that - obscene speech. Deplorable, but as I noted, I’ll wage everyone here has used obscene speech in a political discussion.

Trump remains a jackass. But obsessing over someone using an obscenity to describe countries that are economic basket cases and calling it “racism” is a waste of time and energy that could be spent productively.