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Trump Didn’t ‘Revoke’ Protections for Trans Students–Because He Can’t


Trump Didn’t ‘Revoke’ Protections for Trans Students–Because He Can’t

Jim Naureckas

If you’re concerned that someone has authoritarian tendencies, the worst thing you can do is treat them like they have the power to rewrite the law. Yet that’s what many media outlets did in reporting on Donald Trump’s withdrawal of the Obama administration’s guidance to schools on the rights of transgender students.


The imperial press-idency


The big thing is that rights aren't given or taken away, only recognized and enforced or not. Once recognized, it's nearly impossible to send them back into, shall we say, the closet. Anyway, this is clearly Sessions, not djt or deVos, who may have actually opposed the move but was muscled by BamaJeff.

I heard a public-health researcher today on NPR saying they've found that adolescent suicides fall when marriage equality is only discussed and debated. That's all it takes. Raise the issues, and more of our children find their voices, learn their rights, Get talking about Caitlyn Jenner, love or hate, and more of our children say "That's me. I'm worthy of life." My child is one of them who blessedly survived the adolescent suicide attempt and then found free-insurance-coverage (Mass.; you know, Romneycare) full-practice-specialized medical care to find the person they'd wanted to be. There is no. going. back.


We will probably see a lot more of this from ole marse Jeff, I fear!


I think I appreciate your stance, but your (pretty lengthy, given that you're arguing it's not worth arguing about) presentation is so convoluted and takes so many opportunities to employ the very epithets that break hearts and inspire the breaking of heads that cannot like it and will in fact ask the moderators to ask you to edit or remove it.

And I don't think you have any idea what goes on in women's restrooms, or what the panic really is of the men who pass bathroom bills.


What would you say is the panic of "the men who pass bathroom bills?"


Oh, you know, that everyone with a penis is as eager as they are to use it violently. It's about protecting their women only from men like themselves, not from transwomen who just want to pee.


Whatever the niceties, there is room for us to fight back on behalf of our children. My Christian denomination's Office of Public Witness (yes, the denom djt claims) calls on us to press for a trans-inclusive safe schools act.