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Trump DoD Scraps Plan to Ban Cluster Bombs That Maim Children and Civilians Worldwide

Trump DoD Scraps Plan to Ban Cluster Bombs That Maim Children and Civilians Worldwide

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

"This is a profoundly retrograde step that puts the U.S. way out of line with the international consensus."

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Raising serious questions about the regard for civilians? That’s why we’re still involved in at least 7 wars, because it’s only now that the masses are starting to question this. Anyone who pays attention and thinks for themselves has been well aware for decades that the US military cares not about any civilian deaths. War is very profitable, and that’s why we’re in them. Not to help out humanity.


This is a gift from the trump regime to the terrorist zionist state that uses cluster munitions on civilians and will not stop - in addition to other banned and indiscriminate weapons like white phosphorus!! AFTER a cease-fire was signed with only days to go until implemented, Israel fired over one million cluster bombs into south Lebanon to maim and kill civilians especially children! The scum of the earth who tellingly are our “special ally” with whom America is supposed to have “unbreakable bonds” - bonds of terrorism between two terrorist states!!

IDF Commander: “We Fired More Than a Million Cluster Bombs into Lebanon”
Phosphorous and cluster bombs heavily used; unexploded munitions litter wide area of Lebanon.



The DoD, Pentagon, Kelly, McMasters, et alia are all about the body counts that to them reflect military success (since 911 those numbers are only kept when it comes to American members of the military being casualties advertised to stir up the ire against the perceived “enemies” allegedly doing that killing). Collateral damage (civilians and non-US personnel) numbers are non-existent in the US annals since Viet Nam. The US has written the go-to manual on terrorist tactics (recall “Southern Airways,” a CIA operation; rendition; Abu Ghraib; Guantanamo; Guatemala; Nicaragua; Panama; El Salvador, etc.) authored primarily by the CIA and the FBI with the Pentagon flavor thrown in.


Will these be genuine ROGUE NATION Brand child killers, or some lesser evil type than may not cause enough agony amongst the innocent civilian populations? Always insist upon ROGUE NATION Brand!

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Not surprising. US has yet to destroy all its chemical weapons, which were supposed to be gone by 2012. Now, after two extensions, US is committed to destroying last 2000+ tones of #1 Chemical Weapons by 2023. Same with its abrogation of agreement with Russia to reduce plutonium stock.


Labeling the DOD the Department of Defense is an Orwellian term if I ever heard one. Because it has nothing to do with defense of the average, American citizen and everything to do with offense to protect the WORLD WIDE… Amerikan, Empire.

It should be labeled what it really is: THE DEPARTMENT OF DEATH!


Why would we be surprised that the Trump administration wouldn’t give a damn about killing and maiming children in a country that we chose to attack? They would probably be Muslim, and a few less of them would make the world a better place. Wouldn’t it?

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To protect? I think more like it is about genocide.

Re: Stopping bombs that maim, kill children and civilians.
I’m in favor of stopping bombs, period. They all kill. Those soldiers, they have children. Just stop the war. No bombs, then no war :))

Oh, what about electronic warfare? Is that ok? No maiming. Stop the torture. Stop the war. All kinds.


Yes, it is about genocide, but to protect the hegemony of the US empire and it’s war racket.

Cluster bombs have long been shown as nothing more than a terrorists weapon. That is why America and Israel use they so much.

Princess Diana came very close to overturning this insanity.

But it’s another look into the cruel thinking of the US/CIA MIC machinery
and how relentless and violent it continues to be –

and how much they care for children and civilians.