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Trump Doesn't Believe in Democracy—Here's His 25-Step Reelection Plan

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/07/01/trump-doesnt-believe-democracy-heres-his-25-step-reelection-plan

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Reich has come a long way in his musings since his unqualified support for Hillary Clinton, but I can’t help wondering just how sincere he is, since he was, after all, a part of the Bill Clinton administration. I remember him saying that either Clinton or Sanders would make a great president. You don’t have to believe that Sanders is really as far left as people think he is to know that compared to him, Hillary is way, way out in right field.

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I do not see the military as a whole playing a role in keeping Trump in office against the People’s vote. Sure, there are many whackadoodles with stars on their shoulders, but when push comes to shove, my money is on loyalty to the Constitution. If Dementia Donny wants to rely on Meal Team Six, well I guess I should stock up on popcorn, but not too much, the fifty-yard dash would prove fatal for them.

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Given the loyalties of the nation’s police, many of them former military, I would not be too certain of the commitment of the “troops” to defending the Constitution, given that Trump is seen by so many as all that is standing between the “Real America” and an antifa takeover. MilitaryTimes makes this observation:

" Trump’s 42 percent approval in the latest poll, conducted from Oct. 23 to Dec. 2, sets his lowest mark in the survey since being elected president. Some 50 percent of troops said they had an unfavorable view of him. By comparison, just a few weeks after his electoral victory in November 2016, 46 percent of troops surveyed had a positive view of the businessman-turned-politician, and 37 percent had a negative opinion.

But the latest numbers still leave Trump with a higher approval rating than former President Barack Obama when he left office in January 2017."


When push comes to shove, and Trump begins to shout from the podiums that he has been defrauded, that “illegals” have voted en masse against him; that Democrats and socialists have "rigged the voting; " that “real Americans” should stand up for him; How many of the military will join the police and the fascist militias in “taking back America”?

I’m not so sure…


If Trump had his way, he’d choose China’s Xi’s solution of throwing anyone that threatens his ideas with their individual thought, into prison for life.

"Occupy The Streets!"

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Considering the result 4 years later, don’t you think Reich was right?

What kind of bubble do you live in?

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Still peddling the Russia-gate BS Robert, eh?

Reich has become a complete fool. Please stop publishing him CD. It really makes this site look bad.


Russian intelligence and psy-op trolling assistance to Trump, and to the extremist right-wing in many other countries around the world is a known fact. Putin is the de-facto leader of the fascist international that is the major threat to the world right now.


Minimal (to zero?) checks and balances left to uphold what little democracy there was in the u.s. . . coupled with large amount of racists here. When I see trump/pence signs in front of houses or businesses I know racists and those that deny science live or work there.

Initially when trump took office there were many on the left and in the middle who encouraged others to have empathy for trump voters, to try to understand where they are coming from---- think about these poor trump voters who are in pain, fearful, angry at the system etc. Think of them as hurting . . they are clinging to trump because they are desperate.

That mindset is not applicable, imo. Unless you are completely incapable of thinking, totally cognitively impaired---- trump’s use of race baiting, fear mongering could not be more apparent. Thus, if you are voting for him, you choose racism, hate, cruelty.

And on many levels, you are choosing cruelty when voting for the other part of the oligarchy----the dems who even after covid exposed (even further) the cruelty of the for profit health care they still will not advocate for M4all.

Everyday we hear pleas for covid victims and their families (with “healthcare”) to aid them at their “go fund me” sites to cover medical costs.

This is a culture of malignant narcissism which is NOT healed by having empathy for the narcissist (or sociopath or psychopath). It is up to the culture to make this kind of cruel, hateful behavior unacceptable.

Lastly-----a fox reporter asked Biden if he has had cognitive tests yesterday. It actually was a very good, well phrased, common sense question. h-ttps://www.ibtimes.com/biden-lashes-out-reporter-asking-about-his-cognitive-decline-youre-lying-dog-face-3003585

Biden said he has had numerous tests. He said it in his usual jumbled, near nonsensical manner and then changed the subject. And I think may have even thrown in the “lying dog faced pony soldier” thingy?

If Biden and his handlers were truthful, were psychologically healthy they would insist the test results (which I suspect don’t exist) be available to the public.

Trump’s main line of attack against Biden is his cognitive decline. There is NO reason Biden should not undergo multiple source, top of the line cognitive testing with witnesses and results being made public. Unless of course he has dementia (which I believe he does).

The next question would be:

Would the voting group that supports biden vote for him even if it is a proven fact that he has dementia?

Murka loves its demented Presidents going back to Wilson whose wife ran the show after his stroke, Reagan, who continues beloved by the DNC and GOP despite having been demented for his 8 year stint, and Trump who is a long time psychopath becoming more demented each day.

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He would also declare himself “President for LIfe”.

Oh really? Major threat?

I don’t know what planet you live on by the US is practically threatening every country on the planet in one way or another. We have 800+ military basis around the world. What does Russia have, 4??

Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Venezuela, Iran, Cuba, China…the list goes on forever.

Now that’s what I call a major threat.

Wake up.


Reich keeps advancing that lie even after it was discredited. In this respect he does the very thing he accuses Trump of doing.

Coddle dictators.

The US only labels a leader a “Dictator” when that leader refuses to bend the knee to the US.


Everything on that list is covered by Dr. Lawrence Britt’s “Fourteen Defining Characteristics Of Fascism”.


Until he was no more.

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It was not discredited. Except by Fox and the hard right and the false left. A Republican and former presidential nominee voted to impeach. You can argue that it did not make the difference to Trump’s election, but you cannot argue that Russia did not meddle in the 2016 election. It certainly did, in multiple, well documented ways.

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Make no mistake.

The 2020 election in the US will be the single largest intelligence test ever taken.

The right and the false left, each with righteous indignation, are planning to flunk that test.

The false left? Really?

You would not know what the left was if it hit you in the face. The false left is guys like Joe Biden and yourself.

Matt Taibbi is not the false left.
Aaron Mate is not the false left.
Glen Greenwald is not the false left.
Caitlin Johnstone is not the false left.
The Jacobin Magazine is not the false left.
The World Socialist website is not the false left.

I am speaking about real journalists and not Democratic party insiders like Reich and Winship.

  1. Engage in sanitation as necessary: Take out the garbage!
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