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'Trump Doesn't Care About Us': West Virginians Rally to Protest Trump's Visit


'Trump Doesn't Care About Us': West Virginians Rally to Protest Trump's Visit

Jake Johnson, staff writer

As new developments in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into possible collusion between the Trump administration and Russia swirled Thursday night, President Donald Trump delivered a speech in Huntington, West Virginia, a state that favored him overwhelmingly during the presidential election.


Looks to me like the Trump house of cards is crumbling his west Virginia nightmare and more to follow suit.


West Virginia coalminer’s daughter Paula Jean Swearengin is challenging sellout “Democrat” Joe Manchin for his senate seat in 2018. She is smart, articulate, dedicated to improving the lives of West Virginians. She knows firsthand the damage the likes of Manchin have done.


The good people of America, represented here by West Virginia’s, are waking-up to the reality that trump lied and deceived us all - not that HRC was any kind of greater good - both political parties are corrupted to the core to represent vast wealth, exploitation, for-profit war machine, and environmental exploitation/pollution!

What we need in America is a political revolution of values and political representation for the “common” guy and gal and family, not further empowerment and lap-dog representation Of, By, and FOR the 1% uber-wealthy and powerful!


Insurance markets should have NO place in our collective need for health care. West Virginians: Join the fight now for Expanded & Improved Medicare For All.


There are the few ignorant, the few relatively wealthy West Virginians who don’t really care how much federal money they are offered, and the scattering of antisocial and true “Rugged Individuals” who would rather die than take assistance from the “Guvinment” (until pain and death are staring them in the face) that will cause the poll numbers to remain in the 20% to 30% range.

As to quote DH Lawrence, “The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted.”


All he wants is money and fame. The frame is almost complete, then the application of Civil Assest Forfeiture. Turn Mafia Don upside down and shake that cash out of his little pockets. If he has as much cash as he claims, the asset forfeiture should help fund a guaranteed minimal income for millions for years. Allah willing.$$$$$🙏


You mean all 12 anti-Trump West Virginians gathered together?! Good for them! However, I wonder if among the 12 were either of the two West Virginia State employees who exchanged emails depicting Michelle Obama as “an ape in high heels”. West Virginians seem in stiff competition with the populations of several other states to see who first falls off the right edge of the earth into deep space.


To think Trump ever cared about them in the first place defies the imagination…To believe that lying piece of shit and then vote for him thinking he cares is fukn funny if not for being so goddamn sad.