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Trump Doesn't Understand Why Japan Didn't Shoot Down North Korea's Missiles: Report


Trump Doesn't Understand Why Japan Didn't Shoot Down North Korea's Missiles: Report

Jake Johnson, staff writer

The U.S. president's reported comments came during recent talks with Asian leaders


Don’t worry, Orange-Butt. We don’t understand why our Congress hasn’t shot you down, either.


On this tour the world is going to see how unhinged he really is, he is very frustrated here at home and desires to the leader he isn’t on the world stage. The slap back will sting, the press will sing and we quite possibly will pay dearly for it. We have been called The Ugly Americans before but we may well be shunned now. I am sure that there will be world leaders asking behind closed doors if not out in the open why he hasn’t been impeached yet which will cause concern for our whole government. They will see that the right and the alt-right care not about them or their treaties, they only care about their greed and their killing machine. They well may be worried about who this machine is pointed at next, will it be them?


Once again, the Loser in Chief proves how totally incompetent he is.


Good one… rolling on the floor… hahahahaha


:slight_smile: :rofl:


bigly funny covfefe


Exposure to Asian pop culture might have been a no-no when the Drumph was growing up - you know … ‘yellow’


now, now, now…

Just because he failed to add the nahnahnahnahna at the end doesn’t mean he isn’t in full blown-whatever-mode. His blowhard capacity is doing just what its intended to do: make himself look so vile that no matter what the extreme right wing of the right wings do, they’ll look mild in comparison. Keep an eye on the pilfering, plundering and undermining being done in the meantime under the poison orange mantle.




The Japanese answer to trump’s same old bull shit propaganda nonsense was wise and true.


I’m surprised he didn’t ask, how come you didn’t send Mothra to bring it down?


Hoping to impeach Trump? Seriously, who is worse? I honestly don’t know…

“We are entering a very dangerous time, and I have come here personally to tell you that you may receive a Launch Order in the near future. I want you to know that we have planned for all contingencies, but it is possible that things may escalate beyond what we believe will take place. If you receive a properly formatted launch order, you launch. Don’t waste time trying to confirm the order, because it is not standard operating procedure for you to delay like that. If you get a launch order, carry it out.”


Trump was later heard saying ‘Oh, samurai swords aren’t effective against missiles? Well, how about ninjas on flying horses?’


“I was just following orders” was the refrain after WW2…this admin. is full of Bat-sh52-fuc837#-nuts and we will be the one’s who pay for it.


He does not understand why, because his knowledge of Japanese military strengths comes from what little his dementia rattled brain remembers from a Tom Cruise movie he kinda watched long ago in between tweeting and inhaling buckets of KFC.


That, and Godzilla movies, and take-out Japanese food. His military movie education is quite comprehensive.


The trip to Asia didn’t make our global joke any smarter huh? Should have turned around in Hawaii. Please please take away his Air Force One budget. One trip to NJ a year…


Some technical matters for Trump…

At the point when the long range ballistic missiles were flying over Japan, they were hundreds of miles up in space. Shooting down a missile at this height is nearly impossible unless the launch time and trajectory of the missile is known beforehand.

Also, while there are still no formal international agreement as to the altitude where sovereign airspace ends, informally, as a minimum, about half the lowest altitude that a spacecraft can be orbited (about 150 km minus about 70 km) is “international space” to allow the orbit plus the launch and re-entry trajectories to pass over other countries. So had Japan hypothetically shot down an inert re-entry vehicle that was not even headed anywhere near their territory, that would pretty much turn space into the wild west where even the International Space Station could be attacked.


With Pence in the wings, I can understand the reluctance to impeach Trump, plus, the Democratic leadership would like to keep Trump loathing at its peak for the next round of elections. Still, this madman is pushing for the next world war and, make no mistake, a world war in this global economy and house of cards would leave no country untouched. Trump is an unsupervised two-year old playing with a loaded gun. Dump Trump, now and then Pence in his turn. Once the missiles start flying, there’ll be no calling them, back.