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Trump Doesn't Want Law or Order. He Wants Chaos and Division

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/13/trump-doesnt-want-law-or-order-he-wants-chaos-and-division


The only way to defeat fascism within a nation is for the upper middle class to join ranks and stand in solidarity all the way down to the lowest class and then break off the tip of the fascist spear. The tip of the spear is scared and they are ramping up divide-and-conquer rat fuckery into a greater frenzy both overtly and covertly. Solidarity must conquer their trickery.


Back in the day Charles Manson was into starting a race war by using a murder group as a diversionary tactic.Trump is today’s Charlie Manson.


Put him in the same cell that Manson lived and died in, and throw away the key!


It’s amazing to see that with 40+% of the public voting for El Boobo that they must be on board with initiating chaos and division

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This is a good essay, Rev. Smith.

As on cue, today’s Dubuque newspaper published a news and commentary by Scott Reeder, who writes about Illinois politics. His column today is about an arrest ordeal and abusive treatment of Art Turner, a former Illinois legislator who is black. He was arrested in a mistaken identity, though the legislator is 69 and the wanted person is 33.

The column by Reeder can be viewed in Google: Scott Reeder Art Turner.

It’s worth a look. Our newspaper stated in its headline:“False arrest of Black former lawmaker typifies problem.”


Trump Doesn’t Want Law or Order. He Wants Chaos and Division

FINALLY somebody gets it.

No offense but , A little late to the party there Rev Smith .

What about the black family pulled out of a minivan, with the children crying face down on the pavement? Originally, the story was that it was a stolen motorcycle they were looking for. I don’t know how you mistake a minivan for a motorcycle.

Although those victims may have not been guilty of stealing a motorcycle, they are considered guilty of driving while black in many parts of the US, a defacto law that Trump supporters hope will become bona fide law of the land during Trump’s second term.

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