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Trump DOJ Denounced for Approving 'Anti-Competitive, Anti-Consumer' Merger of Sprint and T-Mobile

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2019/07/26/trump-doj-denounced-approving-anti-competitive-anti-consumer-merger-sprint-and-t

It seems clear whatever voters do in 2020 the PTB - the R’Con And DINO players will have intentionally destroyed any possibility of the ability for a new administration to actually pass substantive changes.

The Repigs and trump regime from Hell destroy and “roll-back” whatever they possibly can, and the complicit, equally worthless on many/most issues - Pelosi/Schumes, et al are proven very complicit corrupted sellouts cloaking themselves in “progressives” terms while screwing us repeatedly on issue after issue - they vote yes and make deals behind closed-doors that will do very much the same as R’Con’s - make change impossible!

Corporate/banker/wall street/ insurance and big-pharma parasite sellouts are funding the charade and the “opposition” party and leadership - do nothing but inept schemes and phony posturing giving trump and McConnell whatever they want! What craven losers!

The fantasy that DINO sellouts actually “negotiate” the “deals” is a fable for 5 year olds - ludicrous BS and craven complicity!

It looks like we need a new actualy progressive/left (good old American values) party and leadership dedicated to a sustainable future and economic reforms of the most radical basic sort! If you collude with corruption and usury to “win” battles, but never really do, whats the freakin point?


Consolidation is the backbone of Fascism. Anyone imagine that the Wall Street Puppets in the “democrat” would stop this if they could? Other than Kabuki that is.


Of course no surprise. Trump is the enemy of anything good for the people. Pelosi could way turn up the heat on this guy and stop him in his tracks but she is a worn out worthless hack who loves business as usual.

The Democratic party may be done for. It has enabled this addict President to run wild without restraint. Worthless.

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And there is NO compromising from the “right”, so you will need the WH and both houses of congress in the dem. majority to pass anything remotely making sense.

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  1. everything in mining, manufacture and business moves toward a monopoly.
  2. Dish wins this merger with cell towers, seven years to build their own 5G.
  3. the bottom shelf customers are given to Dish
  4. please notice that the AT&T break up of reagan years got reversed!
  5. newer, lower cost technology - servers as an example - will assist keeping consumer prices low.
  6. 500 million dollars for a new federal high speed computer near Chicago for weather analysis. technology may even be obsolete before this is built and in service.
  7. newspaper delivery and readership is decreased 20% in one year. causing =
  8. sites such as commondreams become far more important to society.
  9. when Chicago has a country-western radio station, ya know Trump is gonna get re-elected.
  10. yup, it is on the air

Some more bad news, the republican party has split. The old repugs have stayed in the traditional mode (bad enough), and the fascist fork of the “right” is what we are watching presently.

Communications breakdown

It’s always the same

T-Mobile and Sprint have framed their proposed merger as a bid to compete with AT&T and Verizon, the nation’s largest two wireless carriers.

I believe they are correct and I would approve this merger myself. I’m on AT&T now, don’t like them and like Verizon even less. But I’m not going to go to a small carrier that has lousy coverage in my home area and other areas I visit. I was in T-Mobile years ago and appreciated their saner billing schemes but the coverage was lousy. I will be looking at moving to the merged company if it happens.

I’m for more regulations in the cell phone industry but if the merged company is smaller than both AT&T and Verizon, I don’t see the problem.

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And this is the real reason democrats could lose to Trump. If roles were reversed would the republican party be seeking impeachment? Impeachment would already of happened.

The democrats just gave Trump 5 billion for the border----without demanding that these PEOPLE being held be treated like HUMANS. Democrats put their name on this crap at the border----I will not be voting for Rep Raul Ruiz because he voted for this----they should have skipped the recess and fought for the language in the bill to help these PEOPLE.

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