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Trump DOJ Loses Again as Federal Courts Advance Travel Ban Hearings


Trump DOJ Loses Again as Federal Courts Advance Travel Ban Hearings

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

A federal judge in Seattle has rejected a request from the Trump administration to delay a hearing on the president's travel ban, meaning the case is set to go ahead as scheduled in the next few days.


Like the movement to DEPORT TRUMP!
This one man comprises the full arrogance and ignorance that we have to defeat
which works throughout both parties. And, works throughout capitalism's suicidal practices.


The 'Four year old' intellect that is Donald Trump, has finally met a group of adults that are having no problem at all, saying to the Spoiled Child, "No".

Thank you Federal Courts, on behalf of all Americans seeking a Government, of, for, and by the People.


The spoiled child was elected by irrational , angry people; angry at the gov bailing out Wall Street, angry about jobs, then you have the religious wing nuts.


The cards and letters to Judge Robart applauding his strength of conviction and firm ruling on the Trump EO are arriving in huge amounts and have been everyday. I tried to e-mail but it is temporarily down due to the volume. So, I called another Justice's office and left a laudatory message for Justice Robart. He deserves all the accolades and support he is receiving...and more!


Marie, We eventually must cease to point fingers and call our fellow Americans names that we wouldn't want to be called, and join together with all people who want a fair and equitable government.

In the very short future many things about how Trump intends to govern will become clear to most of America, and as those who have enough education to put 2 plus 2 together, there will be a large majority of Americans that see this so-called president made many promises during the primary season, but only intends to fulfill on those promises that involve Hate and Fear.


"not offered any evidence to identify the national security concerns that..". Again, he's not used to having to explain. CEO's as an Authoritarian would not be used to explaining anything. The behavior is and has been consistent and clear.


Excellent post that cuts right to the quick, PonyBoy! Thanks.


Let's hope so, but we progressives might see matters differently. Thank you for your reply.