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Trump Doubles Down on Claim He Ordered Slowdown in Covid-19 Tests Just as Fauci Testifies: "It's the Opposite. We're Gonna Be Doing More"

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/06/23/trump-doubles-down-claim-he-ordered-slowdown-covid-19-tests-just-fauci-testifies-its


This guy has been hedging his bets since day one. Nobody who works for this regime is coming out of this mess stain free, nobody.


I’ll take how to talk to a flock for $1,000, Alex.


“I got a lotta problems with you people, and now you’re going to hear about it!”

Those that are calling the Tulsa rally a failure are ignoring the possibility that it was meant to be a dog whistle for the uncounted but doubtless very large numbers of Festivus celebrators in this country.

Likely unnoticed by the uninitiated the rally prominently featured many elements of Festivus celebrations.

There was the Airing of Grievances:

There was the labeling of easily explainable events as miracles: (The leader magically staunched the flood of reported COVIS cases with just a word to his people.)

And, of course, there were feats of strength:
(The man drank a glass of water one-handed for heaven’s sake. He also claimed to be able to walk down a ramp.)

Sadly, the Secret Service wouldn’t allow the traditional pinning of the host to the ground. Maybe next time.


Fauci reminds me of a similar name Faust - you know the guy who traded his soul to the devil. It would be so refreshing to see this guy state the facts without having to kiss Trumps ass at the same time.


Trump has been selected leader of a group of large very racist fascist group whose plan include starting a 2nd civil war in the USA. The aim of the 2nd civil war is to rid “america” of all races and ideologies save those of the Neo Nazis and their sympathizers. They’re the ones that show up fully armed in military fatigue responsible for many acts of violence against the demonstrators as well as acts of sabotage to provoke civil unrest. They’ve been practicing survival techniques and “self defense” methods since at least the 1970’s post Vietnam. I am writing this to warn our like minded people that Trump as most already know has no intention of accepting the election results unless it is in his favor. He has himself uttered those words by saying that he will be “elected” for multiple terms basically sidelining democratic process and the constitution. Notice how he’s been trying to paint Antifa as a terrorist organization whilst totally ignoring those armed to the teeth white supremacists who actually cause the crimes rump is accusing the Anti Fascists for. It appears at least to me that Trump himself is a fascist, racist and a very dangerous criminal who should be labeled terrorist and immediately placed under arrest but no knee on his neck just handcuffs. That pussy boy.

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He actually did the correct pace down the ramp at west point.
Keeping balance, more contact with floor surface.
What if he had leather soled shoes?
If he fell, it would be backward.
Broken back, closed head injury, ??

Closed head injury effects memory, emotion, logic - all too the bad side. for years.
Trump woulda been firing off nukes.


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The fact that Fauci stays within this administration despite all of the contradictions from Trump and the ineptness of the Covid response, makes me wonder about his motivation. Is he thinking he can minimize Trump’s idiotic reactions to the virus or is he willing to compromise his ethics in order to remain in power and fame?



The way Trump walked down that ramp was in marked contrast to the way the man walking right beside him did. And it was in marked contrast to the physically macho image that he tries to project and mocks the absence of if he sees or claims to see that absence of ‘manliness’ in his critics or opponents.

But, fair enough; if that taunt were central to any argument I might make about Trump it would be no argument at all. There’s enough about the man that’s so very ugly and dangerous that it behooves us (me) not to go for the small or stuff or mischaracterize what may be of little or no real significance.

What’s your feeling about the two-handed water drinking? Also the correct thing to protect his tie? Or does that raise legitimate questions about his physical condition?

Two more things:

I wish I believed that Trump’s present capabilities regarding ‘memory, emotion, logic’ amounted to a halfway reliable disincentive to his ‘firing off nukes’. If it suits his interest, maybe even if it suits his whim, and if the generals let him, he would take the entire planet to war. Closed head injury or not.

And it’s haunting how your description of the effects of closed head injuries evokes thoughts of that poor old guy from Buffalo who Trump suggests ‘fell harder than he was pushed’.


Thank you Robbie for the good writing.

The two handed drinking was brought to my attention this morning. A nurse advised that she evaluates him as having parkinson’s disease. She certainly knows the various signs better than I.

It is very unfortunate that grandchildren / great grandchildren are burdened with hard work to pay off our national debt. Or suffer double digit inflation to water it down. That is where the republicans hit the road. Destroying our capabilities. Creating loopholes for schemes to swim thru safety nets. It is going to be a rough ride for millions of families.

The gentle man in buffalo was treated as a tackling dummy by a bully cop. The cop should pay restitution out of his own pocket. One chicago cop who shot and killed two innocent people in 2017 cost the city 16 million in restitution. He is fired today as a police and wants transfer to fire dept. Heck NO !!

And because of all the stupidity and gung-ho attitude of dump, US citizens find themselves " personae non gratae":


To be fair to the Donald, who in elected office is doing the smart thing now?

We need to slow down testing for Bone Spurs.