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Trump Drones On


Trump Drones On

Rebecca Gordon

They are like the camel’s nose, lifting a corner of the tent. Don’t be fooled, though. It won’t take long until the whole animal is sitting inside, sipping your tea and eating your sweets.


DARPA, military teams, and AI researchers, are working on developing machine learning algorithms to enable drones to search and select targets automatically.

Here’s one recent article.


Much of the research for these systems was done under President Obama. Development of autonomous killing machines is likely to continue even if a Democrat is elected President in November of 2020.


If you have not yet read General Smedley Butler’s War is a Racket, please do. If I were in charge, it would be a mandatory part of everyone’s education.

In my town, Veterans for Peace will be placing markers this weekend for all of the fallen soldiers since 9/11. Nobody understands peace like a veteran who served in combat.


Simply sickening.


How long before drones are used in these United States to take out antiwar opposition? Really there is no antiwar opposition to be concerned with, any hint of such would be snuffed out by the spy-military police state quickly. It’s difficult to accept this reality that pure evil has complete control of our lives.


No-one ever seems to notice that the CIA has somehow, without any fanfare or alterations to our laws, been allowed to take over a certain portion of our military affairs; not just the clandestine (and sickening) covert stuff they always have, but actual armed combat. Yet the CIA is not part of the military, does not operate under the military chain of command, is a separate agency with separate funding, and does not answer to a “Commander-in-Chief”. If you doubt that, think about this: when a CIA drone operator retires, he does not get VA benefits, he gets a government pension. If he disobeys the law (the word “law” here needs a [sic], since there is nothing legal about drone-bombing anyway), he does not face court-martial, although he might be fired.

Why doesn’t anyone ever wonder about how this happened or why? Why doesn’t anyone in Congress complain about it, explain it, or stop it as blatantly outside the scope of CIA purview?

Yeah, never mind about that last paragraph. I already know the answer to that one. Might as well ask why our local police have tanks.


the general populace of usa and european countries are totally unaware that we are and have been living in covert police states for decades.

Although we have read about the covert Cia wars in central and south america, this is the first that I have read that the Cia owns and operates drones. I feel totally helpless.


Letting feral monkeys have killer autonomous drones… what could go wrong.???


CIA = Criminals In Authority… just another rogue agency in the long list of traitor run rogue agencies. Look at the latest appointment to lead the scum… a traitor that destroys war crimes evidence.