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Trump-Endorsed Roy Moore Condemnded for Reminiscing Fondly About 'Great' Era of US Slavery


Trump-Endorsed Roy Moore Condemnded for Reminiscing Fondly About 'Great' Era of US Slavery

Julia Conley, staff writer

Alabama Republican candidate Roy Moore claimed that "families were united" before slavery was outlawed


Make guillotines great again!
Chop the duopoly in half!


This moore fellow stinks like a 3 day old dead fish. The bigger problem, people will vote for him because they agree with what he says or see “no problem” with it. Child-bride marriages are okay in that area of the country and so much more of a less than educated progressive mind from the modern world of 2017. Shame we can’t bring them up to speed over night with some sort of vaccination or medicine.


We are Men, and we well know what that line is that cannot be crossed. Having sex with under aged girls is rape: Consent is not a consideration or excuse Moore raped and should be in jail rather than in the Senate.

Perhaps lower in offensiveness is the exercise of naked power of position or money to grope a woman’s crutch in public. Who do you know would do such a disgusting thing? Trump did, not to amuse himself necessarily, but because of an incurable sickness of the soul.


I totally agree.

What about the people that support pedophiles? That’s pretty nasty in my book as well.


What “Moore” can be said? This is 2017 and there are still places in the US where the population is un-educated or extremely under-educated or just simply inbred. Unfortunately most of “those places” are located in the Southern US the former home of the confederate states.


So tie a yellow ribbon 'round the sour apple tree,
And when Johnny comes marching home again,
We’ll restore the honor of Roger Taney,
And hang the statue of MLK in effigy.

Bullworth was NOT ahead of his time,
Telling us to keep fucking
Till we’re all one homogenous crème color:
The slave-holding plantation owners
Were way ahead of him
Raping their black slave mistresses.

By God Roy!
Talk about family values -
Now there’s TRUE direction.
Just one thing you should know,
Though white, black, red, or yellow,
We’re all out of Africa.

So get down on your knees,
You pathetic white nigger,
And pray for all you’re worth,
That God is truly color-blind.


“Simpleton demographic” is apropos…


Well done! Thank you.


Every time I think “well, life can’t get any weirder…”

it does


The far right is welcomed by the R Party–in fact, these days they control it.

Meanwhile, the far left is told to STFU while being taken for granted by the D-Party.

The electoral results are plain for all to see.

At this point, to save the D-Party, we have to destroy it.


RM will fit in very comfortably with his fellow ultra-conservative, sheet-wearing, slave-owning (domestics) comrades in the Senate where he will be welcomed with open arms…at least until they have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to provide him, his family, and staff with security 24/7. The capitol security force will be kept busy in the Dirksen Senate office building (where junior senators have their offices) arresting, dragging, and ousting protesters every day. Step outside the Capitol zone into the surrounding D.C. area and RM will encounter numerous descendants of those ‘happy slave families’ where his presence will not be appreciated.


Trumpster will really be pissed when reading about this, " I love Roy Moore, but he stepped all over my best lines for our rally in Pensacola tonight. Call Bannon right now and tell him Roy needs to stick to his Christian values speeches, his homophobic rants and his legal stuff about women not holding public office. That way we won’t be upstaging each other ". The POTUS ( The Pedophiles of The United States ).


The far left is not taken for granted by the Democratic Party. Perhaps by GOP.


Once again, your ever-present wry wit is appreciated!


As a proud Alabamian (transplant from So Calif) for over 60 years it just galls me that this cretin is given voice. Get Moore out of here. Vote for Doug Jones and rejoin the human race.


Old times there are not forgotten

They’re run on


What Roy Moore really likes about that period in time is that he could have Raped as many 14 year olds as he liked and gotten away with it by just calling them Whores.

Because it was Always the Woman’s Fault when a Roy Moore attacked her back when “Amurrica Was Great” & Men were Always Right & Women were just another group of Slaves.


Take 1 US Senate. Subtract 1 Al Franken. Add 1 Roy Moore. Presto—the median IQ of the Senate drops by 44.3 points!


You moved from Cal to Alabama- you poor thing!