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Trump Endorses Accused Child Molester Moore Because He Wants Vote for Tax Cuts


Trump Endorses Accused Child Molester Moore Because He Wants Vote for Tax Cuts

Jake Johnson, staff writer

"Trump endorses the lawless bigot and alleged teen-targeting sexual predator because he'll cut taxes bigly on the rich and corporations while telling you undocumented immigrants are your real problem."


From the article:

“A CBS poll released Sunday found that 71 percent of Alabama Republicans believe that the accusations against Moore are false.”

And 71% of Alabama Republicans believe that Donald Trump has their best interests at heart…


Guess they ignore the parts of the Bible that address false prophets and moneychangers ?

Probably don’t even read the Bible, just parrot what other false prophets tell them is in it.


“71 percent of Alabama Republicans believe that the accusations against Moore are false.”

i don’t think it is so much that they don’t believe the accusations as they just don’t see anything wrong with a 30-something adult wanting sex with a fourteen-year old…


The article’s headline:


I sincerely hope that the writer of the above headline (who wasn’t necessarily Jake Johnson) realizes that it would apply to him, if any one of the 7.3 billion Earth’s inhabitants were to make such an accusation against him.

Yellow Journalism!


Those that are accused of such crimes and found guilty by a jury of their peers should be castrated. For a repeat offender who is caught and tried again and found guilty again should be given a lobotomy. I was the victim of a violent crime at the age of 9 and have lived a life in Hell because of people like this.


So the majority of Alabama Republicans are slimy, gullible, stupid shitheels with the ethics of a pimp. Gee, how shocking. I think you could reasonably leave out the word “Alabama” and it would still be an accurate poll. I’m actually surprised it isn’t higher than 71%.


Moore’s two time dismissal as Alabama Supreme Court Justice for ethics violations, alone, should have been enough to disqualify him as a candidate, yet he now runs for the Senate with the endorsement of the equally racist and bigoted Trump. Meanwhile, the rest of the Republican party looks the other way. He’ll fit right in. Just how low can this political system sink? Stay tuned.


He specifically said “accused” child molester. That is an accurate statement. At this point, Moore is simply accused of child molestation, not proven so. What part of the headline do you have an issue with? A better headline, IMO, would be “Accused Sexual Predator Trump Officially Endorses Accused Child Molester Moore.”
Again - 100% accurate statement. The fact that 15+ women have accused Trump of sexual crimes against them, and 10 women have accused Moore of sexual crimes against them when they were minors…all true statements. Or are you going to claim that ALL of these women are lying? Possible. But I believe them.

You must be from Alabama!


Deacon Moore got the President of the United States in the door at the First Church of Sodom.

If Fundamentalist Christians were Muslims then they’d have to protest as loudly as they could, that these pretender guys are totally unrepresentative of their faith. Their faith isn’t all about being a righteous-sounding pervert and their faith isn’t all about the little cookies and coffee served afterwards. But how does the congregation prove that?

Well, you have to take all the extra burdens off of the camel to fit him through that thin gate.


Gotta love those Christian, Republican “values.”


May the next category five hurricane put effing Alabama squarely in its sights. The American south–where intelligence goes to die…


Hell awaits all of them Ditton.

Though we experience Hell on Earth for our limited stay, their’s will be everlasting.


Their claims of being Christian, are just another lie they tell themselves Ed.


Dissent, I personally haven’t believed there was any integrity in any polls for years.

Just as the Media use their misinformation and lies to affect public opinion, polls accomplish the same thing.


The unspoken religious premise of this cabal is:
When there IS enough to go around, the sacrifices must be ritualized into various spheres of life to keep the ‘lay’ (note that?) person passionate in support of the religion as THE most important guiding principle.

And of course, just because something might sound like a lie to the lay, the first and foremost element of faith is demanded: those above you are, by virtue of being over you, ‘in the know’. In other words to be a good lay [person], you must be dumb and speech-wise, even dumber: speechless / silent and ready to ‘lay-down your-life’.

Then, this being a founding premise, it’s structure is overlaid different circumstances hence the bulldozer of hegemony.

Anyway, that’s part of my take on the situation. All that is needed is ONE FREE PASS for the controllers.


Forget about this mess. We’re wasting our time with it. A fight that cannot be won. Focus all efforts on flipping the House next year, a doable goal. If you live in a district like I do with a vulnerable republican hack as your current congressperson, start now by calling him/her out on their lies. Keep pounding away at them. And above all start the talk about the need to get out the vote, which is paramount. Because when voters turn out, republicans lose.


To me…Moore looks like a ghoul! There are way too many very very bad words and thoughts filling my head right now. I’m sure many people feel the same way. Can’t write them (surveillance,etc.), but I sure can think them!


The Bible passage that fits the 71% of Alabama Republicans? THE BLIND LEADING THE BLIND!


Why do I get the feeling that Trump would endorse the Anti-Christ because…