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Trump Energy Dept's Pro-Coal, Pro-Nuclear Report 'Not Worth Paper It's Written On'


Trump Energy Dept's Pro-Coal, Pro-Nuclear Report 'Not Worth Paper It's Written On'

Jake Johnson, staff writer

President Donald Trump's Department of Energy (DOE), headed by climate-denier Rick Perry, released a report on Wednesday that green groups and environmentalists are denouncing as an attempt to "justify bailing out dirty" coal and nuclear plants.


" There is no reason in the world to keep coal plants open?"

Well, I would submit one reason: GREED!


Meritocracy becomes mediocrity as long as money can be made by a few.

Trump makes America mediocre! It really is true!


Climate change is no reason to keep nuclear power generating plants going. That is an old and completely false Sierra Club propaganda position adopted for unknown reasons. I have not listened to one word from Sierra Club since their CEO went on the stump supporting civilian nuclear power.

Admiral Rickover told me that otherwise decent CEOs who support civilian nuclear power should be imprisoned.


Rick Perry, buffoon extraordinaire and resident idiot, as secy of energy…".the die has been cast" and “the fix is in.” All cabinet secretary appointments were made to dismantle the agencies they were chosen to “serve.” Phugue the planet, the people, and all life.


How interesting that the governor of WV who switched from democrat to a republican at a Trump rally last month, is president of a coal company that does a LOT of selling coal to Russian enterprises.

Trump has critisized everything and everyone, from Mexicans to McConnell, but has never said one bad thing about coal and the Russians. Hmmmm


We all hear you Seatower on this continuing crapola from the oligarchic elites! Trump doesn’t even pretend to represent all Americans like a president should. Nevertheless, he and the Repubs are paying the price in that their creepiness is uniting Americans in opposition to the corporate oligarchy (1%) abuses like never before.

Whatever happens, they will not be able to turn back the clock as more and more people are becoming aware of just how abusive and corrupt these political ‘bullies’ really are.

Eventually the Repubs and the old guard semi-repub Dems will have to face the piper… and the pipes being played will be by a younger generation who have been watching all this go down.

The changing climate is like the sound of a stampede coming our way. There is no escaping that it will soon arrive. The young people see this and will rightfully be mad that it is being allowed to happen by Trump and the PCGE (Permanent Corrupt Government Elites)!

Only these old foggies think that their denialism will convince anybody. The young aren’t buying their crap though!


China added 24 billion watts of solar energy production in the last two months. Two months!

Trump and minions make us fall behind by relying on old technology. We also have vast deserts which lend themselves to solar too! Yet with Trump, we won’t be using them in that way.

Trump makes America fall behind!


Wait…Y’all expected Rick Fucking Perry to provide a thoughtful comprehensive, cogent, report on energy usage?


The man can’t tie his shoes, y’all.


Even though Seagal is apparently a conservative right actor, his roles very often speak something else as in this final scene before the “tribal council” meeting…regardless what he is or is not, this 23 year old film scene speaks volumes…worth a look.


But he has a 20 gallon cowboy hat and he’ll let you fondle his pistol. The words “Perry” and “Environment” do not belong in the same sentence, paragraph, page.


But things have been achangin’. Maybe now might be a good time to ask Texas if that ain’t true. Sincerest sympathy for those dear people and what they are going through right now. Godspeed. ~garry