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Trump EPA Denounced for 'Disgusting' Decision on Atrazine, Herbicide Tied to Birth Defects

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/19/trump-epa-denounced-disgusting-decision-atrazine-herbicide-tied-birth-defects


As Chomsky says, the Republican Party is the most dangerous organization on this planet. Period.


This is a very good site that addresses tap water quality and is easy to use. One click and it explains what each contaminant is and also remediation.

Atrazine is a common contaminate here.



The pro-life Trump cult loves human fetuses…the same way they love mice, monkeys, cats, rabbits and other mammals used in vivisection.
Somewhere, an unethical group of researchers is using this to test how atrazine causes birth defects. Fetuses are cheap, and you don’t have to get them to sign consent forms.
The damaged babies born to this gruesome experiment will receive little if any help from the Trump pro-life cult.
And who cares if we also poison the biosphere with our chemicals, the pro-lifers ask, glibly.
Praise Jesus.


Yes, I agree with Noam Chomsky, but would suggest we change the narrative from the Republican Party to the Amerikan, Fascist, Party!


With a “birth defect” as resident of the White House, the people of the United States know all too well about poisonous things.


So abortions are out but exposing your baby to the life threatening affects of atrazine is in.


It should be legal to use what ever you want on personal property, just like drug use should.
I don’t know if warnings are enough to allow it for public sales.

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No surprise from someone who drinks bleach. Probably washes with roundup. It is what it is.


they should have mailed atrazine to Trump, not ricin


Trump and the GOP will go beyond not helping people poisoned by atrazine, they will mock the ones who are deformed the way they mock injured military personnel and veterans.

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Once again “In God’ We Trust” rules over ethics, morality, conscience, science, and even plain and simple common sense.


We need to start thinking that we are temporary caretakers of so called personal property. The land beneath us is sacred earth that is in one’s possession but a fraction of a second of time. It is incumbent that we treat this earth beneath us with respect and pass it along in healthy condition to others to live on, to eat from, and to grow on.

Poisons on so called personal property flow into the earth’s waters, into the air above the earth, into the soil itself and into the food we grow and eat. These toxins enter our bodies and enter the animals and the crops we eat. These toxins may accumulate and cause illness and death.

The EPA is only as good as the people that are in control at any time. At present it is corrupted.

A vote for Trump is a vote for death.


Great post Earthbound …as you have said that is the understanding that we must put in place.

We are being asked by life to be care takers of the land, air and water and each other .

The basic life principle of sustainability has been interpreted as individual ownership. We have built a mental construct around how to do this that plays itself out as a social convention that we call ownership.
Everything belongs to life not Individual beings or what we call corporations.

We are asked by life to Express the basic Life Principle of sustainability but not to declare we own anything .This is completely dysfunctional, and we see the results of this now in our world. And have fone for 3 millennia.

Ownership has nothing to do with ultimate reality, it’s a temporary fiction an invention of the mind.Its based on fallacies we hold about life .

A great book on understanding this is
The New Revelations.
It’s a planet changer.


But we are all part of the divine, this idea of separation is what’s killing us .


Great Posting…Howard Zinn, I would add would agree with that assessment…And I would say, that the Democratic Party would be a close 2nd…


This is a libertarian idea that is responsible for much of the destruction of the biosphere and human health.
Someone’s “property” exists in a larger ecosystem.
When you use poisons on your property, they’re transferred into air, land, water, flora, fauna. They don’t stay on your property.
They harm the life of the planet, including other humans.
If everyone understood and followed the precautionary principle, the world would be a lot better place.
But they don’t.
So we need strict regulation on what poisons can be made and sold, and where and how they’re used.
Libertarianism is the ideology of a selfish, spoiled two-year-old, and it’s destructive.


Whether oats, wheat, peanuts, sougham, potatoes, barley, chickpeas; Bt or stacked traits maize, soya… dessicated with lethal herbicides or hundreds of thousands, gavaged radium-tainted fracking brine, in their water food or schmutz in our air. Our media, politicians and courts simply do not CARE. We’re being shown THAT all now? Yes, our affluent Liberal friends, who crushed any chance of rectification of regulatory capture need to stop projecting onto our victims, trying to wish-think it all away? Trump is just their most recent distraction. The boogie man gets worse each time.

~https://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2020/09/civil-war-what-civil-war.html (gotta love Yves’ commentariate?)


~https://sirota.substack.com/p/the-good-news-america-is-not-dead (special place in HELL for Madeleine Albright)




They are using wallabies to test for damage. Feeding females water contaminated with this poison. (And godzillla knows what else.)


Wallabies! How much more innocent of a creature can these people pick for their poisonous experiments?
Vivisectionists have no morals and are ghouls.
What humans don’t realize is that we too are lab animals in their experiments.
If you haven’t seen the film Earthlings, check it out.

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