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Trump EPA Plan to Gut Emission Rules for Oil and Gas Industry Denounced as 'Beyond Comprehension'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/11/trump-epa-plan-gut-emission-rules-oil-and-gas-industry-denounced-beyond


This should seal the deal. White House Asked If Trump Could Be Added to Mount Rushmore

“Do you know it’s my dream to have my face on Mount Rushmore?” the president said to South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem

… when the president arrived last month for his July fourth festivities, the governor of the state, Kristi Noem, presented Trump with a four-foot replica of Mount Rushmore that included his face.


This plan cuts to the heart of “existential threat”, and that for millions dictates the “lesser evil” being far more palatable and survivable than the clear and demonstrated “greater evil”

So when some rail against “lesser evilism” as not acceptable whatever the circumstances and against 'their beliefs and integrity" - - and has been cynically employed by the DP/DNC machine for decades, this (s)election seems to be on a somewhat different plane.
To cut-off-ones-nose-to-spite-their-face is at least equally as deplorable and self-defeating. - one need to look at who is attached to the two candidates to see where each may lead, but granted the math is very unsure…


This was my reaction too Emphyrio.

As much as I admire and appreciate Hedges a glaring omission in his latest piece was the November “election” and if he is going to vote.

For many like me who have fought on behalf of women, children, the earth for decades . . . to watch what trump et al are doing at hyper speed is enough to push me to LOTE vote----which I have not done before.

Then I read things like the Intercept piece the other day and I am literally sickened . . .

With that said, I will probably vote for Biden.
But I am absolutely dreading the announcement of his puppeteer’s VP pick.

Looking forward to hearing from others who have decided they are not going to vote for the horrific Biden and how they find peace with that.

For what it’s worth, it’s hard to be at peace with anything these days in this collapsing u.s. amidst the greater biosphere collapse.

And I disagree with Noam Chomsky when he said —vehemently---- that this election “is not about feelings”.

I think it’s all about feelings. Given the hideous “strategies” we’ve seen unfold in the u.s. that were devoid of compassion we should know this by now.

I think a huge part of Jacinda Ardern’s success is her promotion and embodiment of compassion and empathy.

She said:

“To me, leadership is not about necessarily being the loudest in the room, but instead being the bridge, or the thing that is missing in the discussion and trying to build a consensus from there.”

On compassion
“It takes courage and strength to be empathetic, and I’m very proudly an empathetic and compassionate leader. I am trying to chart a different path, and that will attract criticism but I can only be true to myself and the form of leadership I believe in.”


No need to ask if the operatives appearing on the DNC speakers list have been approved by Wall Street.

The question frequently arises as to what period in history Trump advocates returning to when murka was so “great”. 3 1/2 years of dismantling the positive accomplishments of the past 150 years confirms that the “great” period was 1870 when there were no environmental, worker safety, or other progressive regulations and the gilded age was being launched.

From the MAGA perspective murkin greatness started its long decline when California outlawed hydraulic mining in 1884…the first environmental regulation in murka.


Capitalism would collapse if capitalists couldn’t externalize their costs off onto the environment, society and future generations. Those in power know this, and they cling to markets as much as anything because markets largely ignore environmental impacts. They are efficient because, in part, markets get to ignore non-market impacts (massive in scale). Trump is just doing what all capitalists will do. Most Democrats will do roughly the same thing, but their speeches? Their speeches are all warm and fuzzy, capitalism with a human face. The Democrats are obviously better on the environment, but oppose policies that match the scale of the crisis. So, they in the long-term aren’t any better on the environment. What they offer is really just to push the ultimate collapse out a bit, and given the pace to which things are getting worse, it isn’t going to buy tons of time.


Then of course there is this aspect of the LOTE process.

Trump is absolutely as bad as one can imagine. That is a given. Anyone would look good next to Trump. By anyone I mean a guy like Attila the Hun. So when Attila the Hun elected to office , the USA has once more moved to the right and permanently so.

There no winning hand here. It is that bad and that is what LOTE voting has lead to.

I understand the position you are in. It is one with no correct answer. There is no “the right thing to do” choice left to the people in the USA. It is all bad choices.


Lol, lol, lol to your post!
Thank you for the laughter----I am not kidding, you cracked me up.

And yes, I’ve seen the speakers line up, it makes me sick. No covid-19— 19 pounds gained for me as all of this news keeps me in a constant state of nauseousness.

I commented about the speakers on a previous thread. They are bringing us lechers a go go including Bill Clinton. At least they are consistent.

And the long time lecher Chris Dodd playing lead role in picking Biden’s VP


Dodd won’t be picking the VP candidate, Wall Street will. Oh, thats right, Dodd segged seamlessly from Congress to Wall Street.

Ever since the “lesser evil” label was applied to LBJ during the 1964 POTUS campaign we have witnessed the lesser evil dynamic make both the Dimcritters and GOP more evil with each passing election cycle.


Not only would Capitalism collapse, it would never have gotten off the ground as an economic system. There a reason Capitalism and the Corporation were born around the same time. It because the Corporation functioned to ensure the investor class would be able to externalize costs and never pay the penalty with their personal wealth.


It’s been awhile since climate change and global warming were up for discussion.

Since I just read the following March 2020 paper this morning, I thought I’d post it here. The very last line of the GEOLOGY paper I thought well intentioned and well directed.


“The removal of cooling from the list of Phanerozoic extinction drivers has relevance to the modern phase of global warming: rather than casting doubt on the warming-extinction nexus, the LOME [Late Ordovician Mass Extinction] now corroborates it. All major mass extinctions are associated with global warming.”

Late Ordovician mass extinction caused by volcanism, warming, and anoxia, not cooling and glaciation



No real business, i.e., with an eye to the future, could possibly be disinterested in our environment and “The Limits to Growth”.

Therefore those who are not interested are something else.


Anoxia…not a nice way to die. And we’re not only dooming ourselves, but all other oxygen breathers. The lungs of Gaia-the rain forests and the oceans, are being rapidly depleted, like a smoker with asthma still smoking three or four packs a day(as a visual example of this, watch the Betty Draper character in Mad Men, always smoking. And,spoiler alert, in the ultimate episode, at the young age of 36, she’s diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer, given six months to live. How does she react? She keeps on smoking…)
And I do apologize for this rather snarly post-but I am so fucking tired of not being able to go somewhere free of cars and fences. Even in cemeteries I have to constantly watch for big ass pickups and SUV’s. Alas, even if we were to stop cold turkey, tomorrow, from burning fossil fuels, the process of extinction is in full swing.


Early corporations were different though. They tended to start with a given amount of money, would be tasked with certain responsibilities, and would often expire at a particular time. Modern corporations developed through a series of court decisions, some of which were borderline fraudulent. Now, they have a responsibility to shareholders to maximize value, which often requires externalizing costs. This system isn’t sustainable.


Heaven forbid anyone even thinking about passing legislation to stop this.

The only reason that Trump is a dictator, is that Congress allows it.

And skip the McConnell excuse. The dems are quite capable of influencing public opinion when it comes to stopping anything slightly progressive. If they were interested, McConnell won’t be there next year. And even if McConnell is there next year, they are capable of forcing his hand when they want to.

Besides all that, there is no reason to believe that Biden is interested in overturning this. So vote for someone who is interested in doing some good.

If everyone voted their conscience, instead of their fear, a third party could win. My vote is all I can control, but I’m voting Green. If not enough join me, that’s on them. (And yes, I do live in a swing state.)


In a way LOTE is a fantasy.
Every election has one candidate more desirable than the others. In order for there NOT to be the LOTE the candidates would have to be clones of one another.

There must be another answer to the greed that would speed up the demise of our planet. What do some people know that the rest don’t? Why would some people sign the death warrant of their own home world?

One of the first Corporations was the Dutch East India Company, this followed by the Hudsons bay company. Neither had expiry dates and they were used as tools of Imperialism.


Good point.

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It not about one candidate being less desirable then another. It about the platforms they promote. When both lead to the same things such as environmental destruction, racism, rising wealth inequality, and ever growing Fascist State , then you have LOTE.

Less desirable suggests there something in either platform that is desired. Nothing the Republicans or Democrats advocate for is desirable.


Was thinking about this (see about 7:30): ~https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zpQYsk-8dWg

From your mouth to the Goddess’ ears - may it be so…

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