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Trump EPA Plows Ahead With 'Mind-Bogglingly Stupid and Destructive' Rollback of Methane Emissions Rules

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/13/trump-epa-plows-ahead-mind-bogglingly-stupid-and-destructive-rollback-methane


The Environmental Protection Agency ???

Rachel Carson + JFK = EPA

Reagan + 40 years = no EPA

Congrats assholes - you are now infamous ~


Aw, give Don a break. He can’t help it. The unofficial motto of his party is: “Mind-bogglingly stupid and destructive.”


Democrat revisionist propaganda! They’ve completely switched to Republican-style behavior by criticizing what they do themselves when in power, when they’re out. just like Republicans are deficit hawks except when they’re in power.

The EPA was passed and signed during the Nixon Administration.

16 of those post-Reagan years had a Democrat president, and the Democrats held majorities in one of the Houses for more than half of those 40. The Duopoly sold us out,


Does the Orange Abomination need an adjustment to his olfactory sense, to make methane leaks smell like skunks to him?

Give me a break. No Dem, including Biden, would do ever do something this blatantly “mind-bogglingly stupid and destructive” to our environment. Show me the facts, or revise your propaganda.


The United States needs to be shunned and isolated.


Damn right they did - and are still.

What’s needed is structural change. Rights for the Environment in your Constitution for one example, but that’s not enough.

Obviously there is no real check and balance amongst the three at all. So structural change is required there -

In other words - a redesign of the whole shooting match.

I’m not sure we are up to that challenge - not yet - things will have to get almost infinitely worse, which they will. The great existential danger then is that it will be too late.

Perhaps the national Academy of the Sciences should have a veto as well as the President.

I don’t know how to proceed - where to start.

Maybe none of this wishful thinking will ever work - I know I’m dead tired of pronouncements from well heeled, safe and secure politicians who have made a fine living protesting.

We need results - not protest or hand-wringing.

Nixon was just riding on JFK’s coattails as far as the EPA goes - Nixon was a criminal.


There is nothing I can do here in the real world to affect your fantasy vision.

But seconding the US Coast Guard to BP to hide the damage to the Gulf and allowing more harm to nature in the Horizon cleanup scam, while okaying more offshore oil leases with no better capabilities for handling spills is a recent Democrat behavior that comes to mind. Then there’s the constant and on-going ecological damage due to forever wars supported n ow more by Democrats than even Republicans.

You may now return to dreamland.


Sadly, infinitely worse, is sure to hit during the next term.

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Looks like Hells Gate on Pandora from Avatar. Homo sap is hell bent on killing itself. If it were only our species, I’d say…go for it. But it isn’t. Looks like we will experience a mass extinction within our lifetimes, and certainly the lifetimes of our children.
I listened to a podcast today on CBC radio where the narrator was in tears, asking where is the hope that we can turn this around, if only for our children. I think she knows, but is afraid to even whisper it. But I see it every day, every hour. Our culture will never give up our stuff, the amount and kinds of food we eat. We will continue to drive individual vehicles, the bigger the better. We will continue to eat vast portion sizes of food. And we will continue to wage war and take and take from our planet, without giving something in return.


They’re getting there. Try getting into Europe.

Manysummits, maybe you (and that other guy in Vancouver) should be keeping you critiques to Canadian matters.

So many things every day:





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I wonder—is there any way to pipe some of that methane into the White House so that Trump understands what it does to peopIe and other iving things?

sigh— I think that trump probably has been one of the carriers fro Covid 19—but he shows no symptoms—wh ich explains why workers in the White House are sick—but not him.
On the other hand, maybe he is deathIy II i with something, but if he has to die he wants to take the planet with him.

I don’t think so.

The States is global - sort of like those radioactive particles you and your Dept of Energy distributed for free to any and all.

Our monkey here in Alberta has done you one better - we already fund private schools more than you do - you’ve got some catching up to do.

“The guy in Vancouver” - is that @SuspiraDeProfundis.

Maybe he’d like a piece of you too pal ~


Yunzer is the typical “ugly American”. Even as the US Government sponsors coups the world over and places its Military bases in 100 countries and even as they claim elected Governments in Countries from Venezuela to Bolivia are “not legitimate” and demand sanctions against Iran , Germany , Venezuela and Cuba, citizens of that Country run around telling others to mind their own business.

Meanwhile all that methane being pumped into the atmosphere does not stop at some imaginary border. When Canada burns its dirty tarsands as an energy source or sells it abroad or Herr Trump removes over more restrictions on methane gas emissions everyone on this Earth pays the price.

In other words its everyones business.


Ten four S !


Seems that some a lot of the times.

Heh - you might like this:


or maybe this ?


the Republicans, not satisfied with destroying this country have to also destroy the world

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