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Trump Escalates Attack on Healthcare, Women With Rebranded and Expanded Global Gag Rule


Trump Escalates Attack on Healthcare, Women With Rebranded and Expanded Global Gag Rule

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

President Donald Trump spent part of his first Monday in office following in the footsteps of other Republican presidents by reinstating the Global Gag Rule, officially known as the Mexico City Policy.


Oooohhh… I feel rebellion coming on.


Let’s be clear: this isn’t Trump writing this BS, it’s the ultra conservative evangelical bunch pulling strings. Trump isn’t a coherent thinker, and he probably didn’t even know about the Gag Rule until some holier than thou old man shoved the executive order under his nose. I want all the people involved in this abomination to be held equally accountable, since they all have their fingers in the inkwell.


A seriously hot bonfire lit under the asses of grassroots activists.
Resistance suddenly a thing with legs–not nearly OCCUPY radical, but organized as hell.
Never a riper time to boldly press for real liberal reforms like Single Payer and bolstering SS.

The D-party reaction to opportunity: cling to their “We’re not as bad as Republicans” message, while trotting Chuck Schumer and Tom Perez out to fume indignantly about how Trump wrongly fired the guy they wanted fired 6 months ago.

  1. Revenge for the Woman’s March
  2. Supports the misogyny of the GOP. (and all abortion prohibitionists)


“Trump is taking the pro-life policy to a whole different level,” : The stench of Pence is all over this.


This move IS Trump assuaging his “Igor,” Pence. It wreaks of Pence and his pious BS. Granted, DJT is a demented dimwit but he was the one who put pen to paper with his ridiculous signature. Ugh!

Bet Pence’s daughters and DJT’s golden child are not so proud of their male genetic donors right now.


Any idea what percentage of the female voters who voted for Trump in November (including over 50% of the white female voters) give a rip about the global gag rule ?


First, they would have to look up the terms in a dictionary, which they surely do not own. Next, they would have to find Mexico or any country in Africa on a world map, which they also do not own. Last, they would have to “give a rip” about “the other” non-whites in the world. So, you are absolutely right…they do not give a rip


Single issue voters must be appeased as he paves the way for his successor, Pence.


I’m fully convinced our president is a happy dust warrior. May go down for high crimes and misdemeanor or treason. I’m eighty, loved Ike and voted for Nixon twice. Thia guy has turned our White House into a global joke. I can smell the stench of buyers remorse even from those hate filled white super gals and guys. They are even questioning their sources at Fox. Fascism isn’t defeated with logic and reason, however. That just pisses them off.


I hope so! Whatever form it takes.


Hello Andrea Germanos and Everyone, No one commented on the fact that the War Department is in on this Global Clusterfuck! At the rate that the War Department is taking over I predict that somewhere around two decades or so from now the US government will be a tiny executive department, a small legislative department and the War department which has taken over everything else! In reality they are the power everything else is a show!


Some people believe that a zygote has a soul, some don’t.

Some people don’t even believe that there is such a thing, as a soul.

What Science can’t verify, yet certain people believe, anyway, is one of the characteristics of Religion.

This Country is supposed to be Free of Government Established Religion.

Patriarchal Religions claim Dominion, under the guise of Protection, of Women.

They pay No Taxes Forever, yet want to freaking RUN this Country.

Women who go along with this Misogyny, have been bombarded into it with Fear their entire lives, never realizing the Power, and Equality, if not Superiority, that they possess, and could utilize, if they United.

True Feminism, not Hillary Pants Suit Feminism, would Transform Our Nation, if not the World, for the Better.


Or as I would ask:
“Any idea what percentage of the Texas female voters who voted for Trump in November (including over 50% of the white female voters) give a rip about Texas having the highest maternal morbidity rate in the nation?”

Thanks, in part, to closing female healthcare clinics (AKA abortion clinics)

“Unbelievably, Texas now has the highest rate of maternal mortality in the developed world. The United States as a whole is pretty shameful on that score, to be sure, with a rate that places it between Qatar and Bahrain.”



“I’m eighty, loved Ike and voted for Nixon twice”

So you used to be a liberal?:wink:


I recently heard that the maternal death rate in the US is three times higher than Canada’s and six times higher than any Scandanavian nation’s rates.

Another example of Murkin sepshunalism ?