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Trump Ethics Aide Under Fire for Letting Billionaire Carl Icahn Skirt Ethics Rules


Trump Ethics Aide Under Fire for Letting Billionaire Carl Icahn Skirt Ethics Rules

Jake Johnson, staff writer

In a letter (pdf) to the White House on Thursday, the Office of Government Ethics (OGE) warned that a top Trump administration ethics official may have violated the very rules he is required to enforce by allowing billionaire investor Carl Icahn—who has frequently advised President Donald Trump on a variety of issues—to skirt financial disclosure requirements.


Hello Jake Johnson and Everyone, Anyone wondering if the Right Wing has any ethical bone in its body does not need tot worry! The answer is a resounding "NO"!!!!!!!!


Trump & Party=oil.
Mix? Nah!


"Under fire"? When are these trump regime destroyers and greed-driven swine going to be prosecuted and sent to the slammer? Are there no politicians or prosecutors or courts with the moxie to challenge this criminal destructive regime....anyone? Any "Republicans" or are they all so corrupt, partisan, "un-American" (cough) and evil they have lost (or never had) all sense of integrity, right and wrong, and responsibility?.....guess the answer is clear.......


Ethics? Trump? BWAHAAHAHAHAHA! God, I feel dirty even mentioning his name.


We are living in the age of inversion. That means that whatever they say they actually mean the opposite. The guy who assumed the office of president is a good example. When he says anything just know that it actually means the opposite. When they says "ethics" they actually mean "non-ethics." When they say "peace" they actually mean "war." You can apply this theory to most politicians and you will be correct. The twist and spin like you cannot believe.


Trump and "ethics" do not belong together in a sentence nor anywhere near each other in any context. And Icahn laughs all the way to his vault constructed using the blueprint for the Mega-Bunkers ordered by and for Hitler in WWII (when it comes to shekels, Icahn's religious beliefs come in last in his list of priorities). Together these two criminals can accumulate untold amounts of ill-gotten gains while abusing and corrupting the office of the presidency. Party on, dudes.


Neither Carl Icahn or Donald Trump got where they are by following those silly rules. The rules for the "little people". The rules by which business must be done for all parties to prosper. All they care about is winning. Ethics and fairness mean nothing to people such as them.


"reveal what we already suspected: that this administration is chock full of senior officials working on issues on which they lobbied, meeting with companies in which they have a financial interest, or working closely with former employers"
-- just like every other White House and branch of the federal government.


The short answer...they're not. People think Repugs. don't have a plan, they do, it's just not for good. With Sessions in place no one on their team gets prosecuted.


Ichan was the beginning of people who were essentially destroyers of successful companies being elevated to business "leaders." Indicative of the downhill overall slide we started in the Reagan years. Its somewhat hysterical. He drove TWA into ruin, on purpose. I really hope Carl Icahn rots in hell, for eternity. He builds nothing, he is a rapist.


Precisely. His followers are ensnared (well as you point out most politicians abide too) locked up in their own mind-cages, bars made from his political rhetoric. Actually, we cannot use "rhetoric" to describe this phenomenon, because it does not illustrate the classic definition of "the craft of persuasion" using logic as a foundation.

Instead as you point out not even an attempt at logic, just lies, so that's what we call it. Like sheep to the slaughter.

"So, if we lie to the government, it’s a felony. But if they lie to us it’s politics." – Bill Murray