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Trump Executive Order Against Social Media Giants Denounced as Unlawful Ploy to 'Eviscerate Public Oversight of His Lies'

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/05/28/trump-executive-order-against-social-media-giants-denounced-unlawful-ploy-eviscerate

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Fact check the fucking liar. We the People will support you.


First they came for Assange…but no one said much…then…


"Trump’s threat to use the executive branch’s power to punish internet companies.

Trump’s threats have already been potentially, successful in intimidating progressive sites. Like I have posted before; " THE FASCIST, REPUBLICANS WILL DESTROY US PROGRESSIVES IF WE LET THEM. They need to be non-violently destroyed; otherwise, they will surely destroy us violently!.


Does anyone else think that the orange turd is not smart enough to think of all these ways to eviscerate the public good? That there are some really evil people whispering in his ear that by doing these things he will be a revered leader loved by all? No way his tiny egocentric mind could come up with all this shit.


From my view, first they came for JFK and no was held accountable; then they assassinated MLK and RFK and no one was ever held accountable only patsies. Assange, Manning and Snowden and the selection of Trump and his fascist Republican Party are just the inevitable result of no one being ever held accountable for those atrocious and egregious assassinations.


I don’t see that this can be interpreted as anything less than tacit admission on Trump’s part that his administration is based on lies and that, above all, he needs to be able to lie directly to his supporters without interference.

And of course, it can’t hurt to distract from 100k covid-19 deaths by picking a fight with social media companies while reinforcing and deepening the conservative victimhood complex.


Never going to happen. Perhaps in his next life.

In Hell.


Twitter needs to just close his account.


I got a flash for you folks … Trump doesn’t need twitter to spread misinformation and if he’s going to be fact checked then who’s going to fact check the fact checkers. This fact checking stuff used to be the domain of a competent, adversarial press that simply doesn’t exist anymore although it could be argued that it never really did.


The Right -Wing 3rd Way Democrats are doing a pretty good job of destroying Progressives too.
Bernie’s been neutered, the Squad has been brought to heal.


Sarah Miller’s wider point is right, but we shouldn’t ignore Trump’s fascist threat to free expression.


Point to Alexander.

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True, the DINO’s control the Democratic Party. In my opinion, Bernie was not neutered by the DINO’s but used by them to tell progressives what they wanted to hear when all along they knew Bernie had no chance since they selected Biden over a year ago, like I posted over a year ago.


Executive what, in violation of the First Amendment?

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If there is freedom of speech, shouldn’t it also apply to being able to point out the lies?

At some point in time the blinders will need to fall from the eyes of those who support this travesty!


It’s certainly true that Trump can lie anywhere, but it’s also true that Trump’s Twitter feed is the most expedient way for him, personally, to speak directly to his supporters and control the news cycle.

And the problem (existential threat?) of Twitter annotating his bullshit is that his supporters can’t avoid seeing it and any resulting coverage of his ravings will reflect those annotations.

Like any grifter, Trump is haunted by the idea that eventually, somehow, the rubes will see through him and it will all fall apart. Twitter’s actions are a step in that direction and it’s why he’s openly threatening to undo safe harbor provisions.


Twitter should have closed his account years ago, for serial blatant violations of terms of service. Free market capitalism and all that, the right to refuse service to anyone. Instead they let him use their platform to disseminate his stream of racist misogynist pandering and incitement and thousands of plain lies, far beyond the point of absurdity. So here we are.

Hope he’s ready to choke on a cheeseburger, because “our” economic, political and media institutions sure aren’t holding him accountable for anything.


You can start with Fox and other public forums that are from the “crazy right.”

I would like to see a 24/7 program listing trump’s lies one after the other, with the facts (truth) accompanying the lies to show why they are lies.
No hurry, just keep the list of lies going. We can tune in for a dose of a minute or two once in a while to refresh our angst.


So, in setting this precedent, shouldn’t Twitter be applying this standard to all political figures worldwide using its platform. Afterall it’s easy to show all at one time or another has posted inaccurate (lies) information based on their own opinion.