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Trump Executive Orders Likely Won’t Help the Millions Struggling to Pay Rent

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/08/09/trump-executive-orders-likely-wont-help-millions-struggling-pay-rent

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A program to help renters need not be that complex.

Here in British Columbia if one needs assistance all they need to do is contact a Government agency in charge of this and declare they lost their job due to COVID. The name and address of the landlord is provided and the Government issues a cheque each month directly to that landlord for 500$.


This article points out the entire meshuge way the US deals with the basic human need for shelter. It’s all about Private Property, imported from England. We have vacant houses everywhere that could be rehabbed for habitation. And lots of homeless people who would love to have a secure place to live. But…you have to PAY for that right. A lot, in some cases. Landlords allow the greed built in to the system to raise rents without any regulations in place preventing rack rents. They especially want to boot out the elderly and the disabled so they can rent to some up and coming youngsters at an increased rate.
I just read that some landlords are even jumping the gun for evictions, figuring the tenants won’t be able to pay, getting the legal paperwork in place to pull the trigger on the first of the month.
Yes, there are a very few ethical landlords out there, but the majority don’t even know who their tenants are. or the condition of the buildings. They outsource management to professional companies whose only raison d’etre is to jam as many people into the place, keep vacancies low, and maintenance lower. There are even shell companies for each building as the owner on the tax record. Trying to find the real warm body who’s earning money without lifting a finger is a nightmare. I know. Been there, done that.
Winter is coming. You know landlords will kick out people right and left the minute they can in the hopes to sell the building and flip it. Where will these homeless people live? Will they be placed in jail for vagrancy?
Good article in Rolling Stone magazine about how Covid has revealed to the world that US Exceptionalism is a sham, and that we have no sense of community, of being connected to each other. Our only reason to link up with others is to see what we can take from them, then move on.



Be very thankful that you live in a country not run by degenerates and thieves.

Because Trump’s executive order defunds Social Security and Medicare it will ADD TO the millions already “struggling to pay rent” in 2012 and beyond.

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Sounds excellent, great to propose it, but we know it won’t happen. There is no support in government, and we can assume that landlords will evict if they are not paid.

What are all the ways that one might support a rent strike?

Of course it won’t help anyone, it is not meant to, it was only another trump stunt photo-op. That is all the moron in chief is good at.

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Nor will trumps rule by executive fiat - that is a bald-faced conspiracy with his Reppublicon enablers and cronys - in trumps fraudulent “order” help those millions that own their homes but like renters cannot pay regressive property taxes that are especially onerous and obscene in states like New jersey and New York - those taxes are primarily or entirely used to fund public education that should be abolished in favor of INCOME as the source - the ability to pay - to fund public education to be equal within the state for both “rich” and “poor” school districts.
The entire education system is now geared - sabotaged - to create a class of ill-educated wage and debt-interest slaves for vulture capitalism to exploit, not well-rounded fully and truthfully educated citizens and other demographic groups among the public!


Unfortunately the average rent for a one bedroom city apartment on this side of the border is four times that! Even a falling down single-wide trailer out here in the mountains costs more, but then so is a slumlord falling apart tenement flat in a ghetto. People that live in my home beach town are paying $2000 a month for a STUDIO apartment where in the mid-1970s I paid $135 a month!

Landlords would spit at $500 a month from the gov. It’s about profits not people, and that’s the great failing inherent in Capitalism and Rule-by Greed.

$25,000 a year just for rent on a crappy apartment, then add utilities and garbage. Maybe think about food…lots of ramen noodles full of no nutrition. And these unpaid rent debts pile up because THERE IS NO WORK IN A PANDEMIC ECONOMIC CRASH.

Bluntly, there wasn’t any before for that matter. The US unemployment numbers have always been a lie and hidden from reality because each successive regime R or D kept fudging the numbers worse than the last, changing the rules on who is counted.

Minimum wage is a freaking joke, the 'fight for $15 is another freaking JOKE, and that is strictly because of the actual cost of everything. Last I read (a couple years back at least) one had to be making $22 per hour to just equal the ‘buying power’ of minimum wage in 1968.

That’s the key here. Buying power. It’s what the wealthy and politicians (mainly the same Class) just hate to talk about.

The system is working just fine. Until, like all empires, it doesn’t. Then the word ugly becomes frighteningly real.

We are in a Greater Depression, and it hasn’t changed since the Cheney/Wbush/Wall St. criminal bankers regime housing crash of 2007/08 except now it gets worse. Stupid term ‘Great Recession’ was a seriously STUPID Jobs have been disappearing since Reagan paid corporations their moving costs to relocate their factories in Mexico with tax money. And Bill Clinton signed HWbush’s NAFTA/GATT that never went anywhere along with cancelling the regulations on banks that directly led to 2007/08. And then the ‘most favored trade treaty’ with China in 2004 put a second round through the head of an economy that actually, sorta, paid mediocre wages. Two new rules by Fascist descendants of a supporter and supplier of Hitler (Grandpappy Wall St. banker Prescott Bush) just crushed this country’s economics in favor of the wealthy profit statements.

For those that are interested, you might give this a glance:

I give a zero chance, none whatsoever, of anything good happening for the people of this country.

When the increases in export of natural gas cost increases kick in (the next cold winter without major Covid 19 issues, probably) they will likely be tearing down half of the apartment buildings (postwar buildings have the biggest roblems because they are fairly energy inefficient) in many parts of the US or more. Its really going to hurt families to lose their rent stabilized apartments. In some cities, something like 90% of the residents would not be able to rent an apartment if they lost their current one. It will have a huge effect on small businesses losing their workers, many will have to close.

Investors have been buying up these buildings knowing this will happen. In many cities like New York the vast majority of housing is from this period. Real estate developers will cash in as a SCOTUS decision, Kelo vs the City of New London allows them to basically be given the right to tear apartment buildings down and replace them just because it will increase tax receipts. Where will all those people move? Many dont even drive so their likelihood of finding and successfully renting another apartment near a job is nil.

Which country is that, is it a true democracy, or is that just a step too far?

Actually, his EO just defers payroll tax to the end of the year when it will be added to everyone who takes that deferment to their tax liability for that year, no free lunches. You pay your taxes including all the deferred payroll taxes or you go sit in the graybar hotel until you can pay off your debt to society (of course as a prisoner of the state you can get a job that will help you pay your debt at whatever the current prison wages are,…if I’m not mistaken it is around $1.25 an hour).


Do you know where Suspira lives?

I saw a BBC piece which showed what was happening in America. They showed dental clinics for the poor, and generations smashed into one house as they had no jobs. The worst one was in Virginia, and I don’t know if this is for certain cities or if the whoIe state is that way. If the tenant is FIVE days Iate with the rent, the poIice go out and teII the tenant them pay right now or move. In this video 2 poIice go out, knock on the door, and then as the IandIord gave them the key, they enter with guns drawn but saying that they are the poIice… wow, so efficient and so heartless too.