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Trump Expands War on Terror Battlefield in Somalia and Beyond


Trump Expands War on Terror Battlefield in Somalia and Beyond

Lauren McCauley, staff writer

The U.S. war against terror, expanded in the shadows with covert drone strikes under former President Barack Obama, has come screaming into daylight with the Trump administration's rapid widening of the battlefield and stripping of protections for civilians in besieged nations.

On Thursday, the Pentagon announced that President Donald Trump had granted military officials wider authority for conducting airstrikes in Somalia after it was reported that the White House had also relaxed rules meant to prevent civilian causalities in the region.


My headline:



This is what we should be protesting above all. Massively, globally, incessantly. It has to stop.


What’s more, it comes at a time of extreme drought and famine in the region, which the reporters say “has increased the frequency of groups of people moving around, often while armed, in search of food and water—increasing the risk of mistaking civilians as Islamist fighters.”

But global warming is a hoax.


God made them, man and woman.


Holy moly.


The small government Trump supporters do not understand that Trump’s budget is not cutting budgets but converting public assets and monies to private ones, shifting them to private corporations under the guise of privatization and military security. He will be stripping 54 billion from spending on all things human and environmental to military. Now 60 cents of every dollar of the discretionary budget will be spent on the military. With all the military spending how have our wars gone and our security improved over the last 15 years. Are we now banning refugees and immigrants and building wall to keep people out because all that military spending and war has been successful? We need real change not more of the same just more lethal.


So the US relaxed it’s own rules to better support AMISOM, great news! AMISOM is better equipped to advise us what they need in real-time than our bloated bureaucracy can - imagine, our Commander in Chief made a command decision to help another country’s effort WITH FULL UN SUPPORT I might add, and all you can regurgitate is OMG he’s too flamboyant? C’mon folks - Somalis are actually fighting for their lives, for freedoms we take for granted. War is awful, but you can’t win a war without taking out the bad guys. Trump didn’t design this program, he only offered US support to a locally-run program that wants to rid Somalia of bad guys, after way too many years - and it looks like the good guys are finally winning some ground. The United States of America has historically been a Beacon of Freedom and Goodness - is it so hard to imagine we could be that again?