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Trump Exploits Harvey Victims in Stealth Pardon of Arpaio


Trump Exploits Harvey Victims in Stealth Pardon of Arpaio

Juan Cole

Eminent climate scientist Michael Mann of Penn State noticed not one but two horrible things about Friday evening.

You never want to see a Hurricane that looks like this at landfall.
I fear #Harvey will take a heavy toll. Be safe folks. pic.twitter.com/1r0CXvhghm

— Michael E. Mann (@MichaelEMann) August 26, 2017


Not too surprising behavior from Trump, but have to wonder how long the Republican party is going to tolerate his blatant racism and bigotry before the party makes some attempt to corral him. Not the the party isn’t racist and bigoted - its leaders practice this evil, covertly, and have been doing it for decades - but the party can ill afford to go into the 2018 elections with Trump so blatantly pulling back the curtain to expose them and their party for what they are. Establishment Republicans don’t like being labeled as racist. It doesn’t play well with their corporate donors. They have to be squirming, about now. Their dog is off the leash, again.


I think they fear a backlash from their voters, many of whom are white supremacists.


One radicalized anti-American extremist pardoning another radicalized anti-American extremist. Can’t say that I am surprised. Revolted, disgusted and angry yes, but not surprised.


Hillary was right about Trump: a creep supported by deplorables.


Trump worries not about the millions in danger of losing their lives or homes from Harvey.

Trump worries about the millions in lost revenue he will realize from real estate he owns in Houston and other Texas locations affected by Harvey.