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'Trump Failed, 180,000+ Died': Protests Surround White House as President Delivers Lie-Filled RNC Nomination Speech

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/08/28/trump-failed-180000-died-protests-surround-white-house-president-delivers-lie-filled


An average of major polls published weds showed Biden at 49% and Trump at 42%.
That’s right folks, despite the USA being in dire straights not seen since 1932, the incumbent president, arguably the worst president in American history, is almost within the margin of error.
We are now one Joe Biden senior moment away from this being a dead heat. I’m sure trumps people are ecstatic this morning. I’m sure they never thought back in April after the stock market crashed by 35% and unemployment skyrocketed, that they had any chance at all in November.
Yet, here we are.


Although the times are different, the players different, the message is the same; same jingoist imagery, same goals and distortions of truth, lack of justice, same racism and bigotry, and same mindless robots lapping it up, and same supporter shills claiming to be something else…


Trump and the Establishment Democrats care little about the 180,000.
They are only interested in massaging the propaganda as the numbers

Their interest is perpetuation of power over you on behalf of their masters. Trump is very favorable by those that reaped trillions, both privately and corporately. The Democrats are a close second. The decision which has the power for four more years will be decided on November 3 by voters voting against their own interest…as usual.

Howsoever, five million angry souls in the streets of Washington, DC. reenacting the War of 1812 might get their attention, but please don’t burn the place down.


Was this a “Convention”? Strikes me more akin to a Black Sabbath gathering…


Or satanic worshippers.




Insane Clown Posse!
No matter how much we discuss TrumpCo, he’d still be hustling real estate deals and judging third rate beauty contests if Americans hadn’t voted for him.
Our culture is steeped in fear. Not that fear is bad; it’s allowed us as a species to survive up until now. But it’s unreasoning fear, it’s focusing attention on the wrong fears, that lead to authoritarianism in whatever form. Fascism(which has run like a blood red threat through our psyche), Stalinist style communism, Mao’s twist on it, crops up when a culture is in deep inbalance.
In the US, blame is placed on Mexico and its citizens for jobs and industries leaving our country. Real culprits are the businessmen who made the decision to make lots more money by going to places with few rules and poor people willing to work for slave wages. Blame is placed on certain ethnic groups for a breakdown of society, when the real reason is we’re force fed a definition of success based on competition, fame, lots of money, and consumerism. We’re not citizens, we’re consumers. We’re “resources” meant to be exploited, not humans whose skills and creativity are vital.
Man, Trump pulled out all the stops of American exceptionalism and fear of The Other, including “Socialists”. Without socialism, we wouldn’t have fire departments, first responders, schools, mass transit. A good dose of democratic socialism might be the best vaccine against fascism and the “law-and-order” meme, showing how we can be quite happy without the latest tech gadgets and the largest military force on the planet, knowing we won’t go bankrupt if we get sick, where we have health care, not health insurance care, and many other safety nets. They don’t coddle; they form comity.


I’m halfway suspecting the GOP reached out to one of our most reliable racist police gangs, out in Kenosha, WS, to stir up something this week – the national news choreography seemed that contrived. Kellyanne Conway shamelessly celebrates the carnage in Wisconsin as good for her idol, on national TV.

Like a gallows, the 2020 GOP has no real platform. No anything but the mad dictator (and his pathetic family, bullied into feigned adoration). Someone said “dictatorship is on the ballot” this year, but that happened in 2016, and we know how that turned out. In 2020, US Americans (those of us who are still alive this November, and later) might have one last chance to change their collective mind.


This is the logical result of both Party’s being Wall Street Captured, and selling roughly equivalent agendas.

*Your 2020 Choices are *
Wall Street Red or Wall Street Blue
It’s a democracy and a free country
You can vote for whom ever you want



Your analysis is very astute. It is important to call-out the individuals who have caused the problem and not focus only on the consequences of their actions which happens so often in most main-stream media. Your remarks about “socialism” with a small “s” are excellent. Cauterizing people’s rational thinking with fear has always been an effective tool for authoritarians.

Most people have believed that our leaders work different sides of key issues trying to improve the country. Clearly, this isn’t the case now and hasn’t been for several decades. Many Republicans act strictly on ideology and partisanship now. Democratic leadership won’t take the necessary risks to thwart the Republicans by adopting the positions a majority of their followers support.

Despite tRump’s failures, he is popular with Republicans and his campaign and operatives are working hard on stifling potential Democratic voters. I predict a very close outcome and possibly a very dismal four more years.


Hearing more of the “worst president ever” and “most important election ever” drivel - yes, this is all obviously true.

The golf ball of victory has been tee’d up for the DNC for well over 6 months - yet they have done their best to lose this election. They still do nothing. offer nothing. they haven’t take a swing.

They do not see that most americans are sick of the lies and platitudes and are asking the same question as Ice Cube - “What’s in it for me?”


Race is tightening for Biden against a president who has overseen the deaths of 180,000 Americans, 30 million unemployed, collapsing economy, raging pandemic and no health insurance for millions more who have lost their jobs. Biden needs progressives to come out for him. If Biden wanted to win, he would offer progressives M4A, UBI, some god damned relief from catastrophe; yet he does not. It could not be clearer that the DP would rather lose than do so. Trump hasn’t even shredded Biden in any debates yet. No wonder Pelosi is saying there should be no debates. She knows the old, doddering sheep Biden will be slaughtered when his corruption and senility are harped on by Trump. And Trump still has the trick of starting a military confrontation with Iran or Venezuela or China up his sleeve to snatch the election from Biden. Looks like, despite his total ineptitude and evil motivations, Trump will win a second term. There is no way to quantify how bad the democrats suck.


It’s a two-party system. Dammit! Bernie has found a corner of it to operate within, but to no avail electorally at the highest level. Fortunately for us, he is tireless. We need him to expose the lies and speak to the important issues. He is our champion, just not our nominee.


"have a safe and effective vaccine this year"

So all he has to do is get one of his many Big-Pharma big donors release a placebo (or poison) early October, ram it through FDA approval with an illegal executive order, call it a vaccine and hide all the data that shows it doesn’t do a damn thing.

By the time people figure it out, the election will be over. Bam–that simple.


This is the logical result of Democrats trying like hell to replace their Progressive Left with Republicans - again.

It shouldn’t even be close. But it is because Wall Street is attempting to ‘thread the needle’ and remain in control

Joe Biden’s Strategy of Appealing to Republicans Is Courting Disaster ~

In 2016, Democrats put their chips on winning over conservative voters disgusted with Donald Trump and ended up with their worst electoral college margin since the days of Michael Dukakis. For some reason, they seem intent on trying the same strategy again.



Bernie is no longer either our champion or nominee. He doesn’t even have a seat in the clown car of our national politics. He is sitting in the rumble seat out back, facing in the wrong direction, his voice drowned out by the howling winds of fascism and corporatism. Unless Biden drops dead, Bernie is not a factor having any bearing on matters.


Peter Navarro says that Melania is the Jackie Kennedy of the Trump White House. Does he know something we don’t about Trump’s future?


The anniversery of the August 24, 1814 buring of the capital has just passed this year. The burning was in retaliation for the Americans’ burning of the Canadian capital at York (Toronto) on April 27, 1813.

Again the only choice is the lesser of two evils, vote blue and progressive in down ballets is our only hope for a better future. Your statements are true but vote blue.