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Trump Fails Again to Bring Our Troops Home From Mideast: Mulling Escalation of 14,000 US Troops to the Middle East to Counter Iran

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2019/12/06/trump-fails-again-bring-our-troops-home-mideast-mulling-escalation-14000-us-troops

This is merely run-of-the-mill saber-rattling jingoism.

Trump is a pathological liar. He flies by the seat of his pants. He parrots whatever he hears on FoxNews.

But he hasn’t started a new war. Hell, that’s almost a miracle.


That’s rich. Anytime Trump threatens to bring the troops home, i.e. de-escalate wars, the Democrats go ballistic, claiming treason. Counter Iran? What has Iran ever done to us (exept sit on top of “our” oil).


Objectively speaking, apart from my feeling as an American that my country’s government is totally corrupt and its foreign policy even more corrupt - apart from those feelings.

The United States is no match for the rest of the world, either in total might, technological sophistication or, particularly, combat forces. All those personnel on aircraft carriers, the many bases, the various ships, the super-sophisticated, satellite and AI equipped weaponry - are like a bunch of sitting ducks. What then, when US conventional military might is proven ineffective against well defended and well prepared adversaries (this ultimately includes Russia and China)? Total, unmitigated military disaster. Bring out the nukes I guess, because there isn’t much left, unless some new technological ‘tricks’ are being prepared for unveiling - a distinct possibility. Sheesh.

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This seems to be the trouble with command of such a large military machine with commanders itching for a fight. Trump being the weak subservient to his demented ego can’t even stay on a track that ensures the safety of his soldiers. So all this ‘bluster’ against Iran with feigned attempts to force them back to the negotiating table will be fruitless. Why would Iran ever believe anything the US had to offer? They won’t and if war breaks out the world economy will crash, almost overnight as Iran controls the Strait of Hormuz and would require extreme losses of men to even have a chance of opening it back up so the oil of the world would flow again. And I don’t believe it can happen. So bring the men&women home and find productive ways to combat the global poisoning/warming existential threat we all are facing. Come on, time’s short. Stop all the imperialist nonsense, it is the 21st century, not the 19th.


Gotta protect our oil.

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Seems like an attempt to build his base, to me. Votes…

They threaten Israel.
They threaten Saudi Arabia.
That’s all that matters.

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Who would be so craven as to thank any of these “for their service?” Never fails to happen on Alaska Air.

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This writing is brutal. Delicious.

That’s the claim - ad nauseam. Pretty short on evidence. Iran has never sought to expand its borders, unlike Israel. It has never engaged in wars of choice/agression like both Israel and Saudi Arabia.

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I like Iran’s support for Hezbollah.
Hezbollah is strong enough to scare Israel.

I like Iran being a check on the Saudi’s.
The Saudis are the lead sponsors of terrorism.

I like Iran’s crucial role in forming a Shiite Crescent.
There needs to be a counterweight to Sunni dominance.