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Trump False 'Stolen Election' Claims Could Unleash Wave of Right-Wing Violence

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/views/2020/11/10/trump-false-stolen-election-claims-could-unleash-wave-right-wing-violence


It is certain that right wing extremists will carry out another violent massacre such as the Oklahoma City Bombing and/or a mass shooting. It is not just in the short time. In fact, I find in more likely that such violence will be carried out at a later date, some time over the next several years.


As you said, it is likely that there will be episodes of violence over time. And, as germination time increases, the episodes will be more grandiose. Give enough people time to think about what to do, anyone can think up a plan or three.

Trump in hiding???-----The corporate media should have called this on Wed-----it went to Sat—??? don’t want to piss off the Geat White Hope-???-I would say that Fox knew it was over Tues night when they called Arizona. And there is fox commentators calling the election fixed???

And now there are fears that he is up to no good

Remove him now --------and screw these fat gun toting un American jerks----



Blame the victims. Trump is the Great corporate hope. He doubled the ratings on cable TV, gave tax cuts to the wealthy corps and individuals. White working people who have been screwed for 2 generations bought his con, bring the jobs back. A simple message they longed for. Nothing else matters, even that idiot clinton figured that out, its the economy stupid. Fox called AZ first and Biden only needed 1 more state. It was over but the media wanted trump for one last money call. Hillary killed more people in Libya than all the gun toting yahoos in Texas. Focus on the issues and stop the culture wars.


The Oklahoma bombing was carried out by two individuals, not by a large well organized militia. This is a country of undisciplined gun violence, most of which has nothing to do with right wing extremists.Those groups who are well organized, like the Wolverine Watchmen who planned the attempted kidnapping in Michigan were on the the radar of the F.B.I. and were being monitored carefully, which is why their plot failed.
The vast majority of Trump supporters simply mirror Trump himself… racist noisy empty vessels, ignorant blowhards too stupid to organize a serious threat and too moronic and cowardly to carry it out.

Yes, there will be incidences of violence in the days too come, and some of it will be by angry Trump supporters, but it will most likely be be lost in the statistics of endless gun violence that are a constant in American society where incompetent gutless members of Congress, terrified of the Pro-gun lobby headed by the N.R.A., refuse to pass tough legislation to keep guns out of the hands of incompetents and lunatics.
Violence has been an integral part of American history since it’s inception (part of world history too)… it didn’t start with Trump and it won’t end with Trump. And these kind of speculative fear mongering articles based on the word “could”, don’t add much that is constructive to the conversation.

Trump’s deceitful charge undermines confidence in our Democratic system, but it could also threaten to unleash a dangerous wave of violence.

And no doubt Trump would love it!