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Trump Finally Admits He's Responsible: "You Have to Take the Children Away"


Trump Finally Admits He's Responsible: "You Have to Take the Children Away"

Jake Johnson, staff writer

After weeks of evasions and outright lies aimed at avoiding responsibility for the torture he has inflicted upon immigrant families, President Donald Trump finally admitted in an off-the-rails speech on Tuesday that the thousands of family separations that have taken place on his watch are a direct consequence of his administration's decision to prosecute parents who cross the U.S.-Mexico border illegally.


Fascism in 3…2…1…


I just threw up a little in my mouth


Trump, his Jackbooted Attorney General Sessions and Department of Homeland Security Secretary “Good Nazi” Nielsen, have conspired to commit KIDNAPPING because the taking of the children is NOT required (allowed) by law. IMPEACHMENT on this action is required! If not done, all those in the House of Reps not pushing for it are complicit in the crime and any future effects from it.

When (not if) one of these poor, terrified kids ends up sexually abused or dead, Trump should stand trial for crimes against humanity.


You know that if he could round up his enemies and the press and send them off to concentration camps, he would do it with that smarmy grin,saying it was for the good of the world. This asshole needs to be stopped, his ego is out of control.


Trump is demonstrating the sleaze low bar set by his family: A prostitute mother and a father who owned a brothel in Alaska and made his fortune during the Alaskan gold rush.


Words fail to convey my empathy and concern for the poor people and families fleeing abuse, violence, and tyranny, much of it created by US foreign policy supporting right-wing violence and death squads in Latin/South America (School of the Americas). My outrage and visceral loathing and contempt for the sub-human POS that is the current figurehead of the fascist states of America, including those who rule behind the scenes - the puppet masters…

Neither political party has an ounce of decency or moral compass, just a dedication to corporate fascist dictatorship, the MICC for-profit War-Machine - all vulture capitalist parasites…

Are there no people of conscience and courage in government? Only craven complicit scum?


Yeah the asshole wraps himself in the flag, but he couldn’t put on the uniform to go protect it.


There was resistance in Nazi Germany. Among others, Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg gave his life in ‘Operation Valkyrie’…


What a clown. Can’t believe anyone voted for this callous man.


Immigrants want to flee cartel violence.

Why is no one saying "stop the War on Drugs to end cartel violence and illegal immigration?


Not fair. Now you’re trying to bring logic and critical thinking into the mix.


And what you threw up, it wasn’t nearly as disgusting as the racism our Game Show Celebrity Fascist President pukes out in the name of America every day.

He has neither the moral grounding nor critical thinking skills to continue to hold the office he occupies. The horrific separation of children from parents is just a sample of what is yet to come from the twisted algorithms in his sick mind.


Trump threatened to cut off funding for Central American nations. Too bad he doesn’t threaten to cut off US-supported coups and violence in those nations.
However, he definitely needs to cut off funding for Honduras, which, since the coup of 2009, has been violently oppressing protesters against the illegitimate regime there. Naw, that would be too humane and just.


Maybe this horrible episode will turn around enough voters to boot the Republicans out of control of the House and Senate. This seems to be a new low for Trump. He drove political discourse into the gutter and now he is driving the government of the United States into the gutter. The press should get a lot of credit for the photos and videos.


The very very thing silver lining at least is that he is completely unmasking the fascist state that is the United States for what it is.


A march is being planned in DC on June 30th to protest this deplorable policy. I am going to fly from St. Paul, MN and show up. If you can make it, show up! :slight_smile:


“They are helping these smugglers and these traffickers like nobody would believe,” Trump said of the media, which has circulated photos released by his own government.

If only “nobody would believe” such bullshit…


Is that doubt in Trump’s eyes?


separate t Rump from his phone