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Trump Finds Fellow Bully in Bolton


Trump Finds Fellow Bully in Bolton

Marjorie Cohn

Nothing Donald Trump has done since his inauguration 14 months ago is more dangerous – to the United States, and indeed, to the world - than his selection of John Bolton for National Security Adviser. It is not surprising the president would feel most comfortable receiving advice from a fellow bully.

Trump bullies people on a nearly daily basis, directing his ire at immigrants, Muslims, women, LBGTQ people, the poor and the environment. He hurls Twitter attacks at those who disagree with him.


Bolton’s got that look that only a blood pressure medication maker could love. He doubles down with his demeanor and intent. Since he inspires the not so nice in the world, I say let’s waterboard him and find out if he really is a walrus.


First and foremost, Bolton is an employee of Israel.



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Our last chance to stop the cowardly lion lies with the FBI (god help us). I can’t imagine him being given a secret clearance, knowing he receives a paycheck from a terrorist org. If he does, our whole sys. is a joke.


Hey Steven I know this is off topic, but I think I remember you posting a link about geo-engineering a week or so ago. If you still have it, or can point me to the story with it, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.


Hi reconfire geoengineering is very big by me since no one is touch ing it. I have been fighting this for over 10 years . The person that runs this site does a great show and covers alot of stuff that you will not hear on this site .

If you get a chance listen to 3-31-18 .Dane who runs this site does great work.


Thanks, I owe you one.


Bolton is a bully? Surely you meant “winner”, as Trump seems to call them?