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Trump Fires Bannon: Who Are the Winners and Losers Globally?


Trump Fires Bannon: Who Are the Winners and Losers Globally?

Juan Cole

Steve Bannon by his own admission promoted the Breitbart webzine as a mouthpiece of white supremacism, in an attempt to create a new, well-educated and well-dressed version of seedy racism. The Republican Party had since the Nixon Strategy of the 1970s played on a soft version of white resentment, but used dog whistles and kept the Klan and the Neo-Nazis at arms length. Bannon’s plot to have the white grievance branch of the party take it over in a way resembles the way the Evangelicals gradually took over the GOP.


“seedy racism” -

mid-15c., “fruitful, abundant,” from seed (n.) + -y (2). From 1570s as “abounding in seeds.” Meaning “shabby” is from 1739, probably in reference to the appearance of a flowering plant that has run to seed. Related: Seediness.

“run-down, seedy, trashy,” 1876, from junk (n.1) + -y

“in poor taste,” 1888, from earlier sense of “shabby, seedy” (1862), adjectival use of tackey (n.) “ill-fed or neglected horse” (1800), later extended to persons in like condition, “hillbilly, cracker” (1888), of uncertain origin. Related: Tackiness.

" The word “tacky” is a Southern colloquialism. It was coined by a wealthier or more refined and educated class for general application to those who were not sheltered by the branches of a family tree, who were “tainted.” Those who were wealthy and yet had no great-grandfathers were “tackies.” The word was used both in contempt and in derision. It is now nearly obsolete in both senses. There are no aristocrats in the South now, and therefore no “tackies.” No man who has the instincts of a gentleman is spoken of as a “tacky,” whether he can remember the name of his grandfather’s uncle or not. But it has its uses. It is employed in describing persons of low ideas and vulgar manners, whether rich or poor. It may mean an absence of style. In dress, anything that is tawdry is “tacky.” A ribbon on the shopkeeper’s counter, a curtain in the bolt, a shawl or bonnet, a bolt of cloth fresh from the loom may be “tacky,” because it is cheap and yet pretentious. In Louisiana the inferior grade of Creole ponies are known as “tackies.” [Horace Ingraham, Charleston, S.C., in “American Notes and Queries,” Feb. 15, 1890]

Its worth teasing apart the language, the assumptions, assertions and abuses behind the entire idolization of statues and the same with a second ‘T’ (statutes).

The day of being first before the law and getting a free ride with a scythe to cut down everything in its path for raw abuse of power is coming face to face with the 99%.


“I think Mattis and the others are afraid that the Taliban could sweep into Kabul and take back over the country, which would be rather a black eye for the Trump administration.” -J. Cole

Not to mention ruined lives, futures and decimated country of the Afghan people who actually live there.


According to friends that have been in Afghanistan, your quote by J. Cole is right on target because according to them, the Taliban is stronger than ever. But unfortunately, that is just the way the war mongers and the war profiteers like it!


Interesting. To take that a step further. It is those same attitudes that led to the cultural phenomena of inbreeding. Popular in Europe as a mechanism to preserve wealth and social standing that changed by necessity to the modern corporation. But in the U.S. it was the mixing of race or ethnicity that led to social isolation to the point of inbreeding. And it hasn’t gone away. It is still prevalent in some cultural groups.