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Trump First President in Nearly 20 Years Not to Hold Ramadan Dinner


Trump First President in Nearly 20 Years Not to Hold Ramadan Dinner

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

President Donald Trump, whose administration has been accused of anti-Muslim sentiment, has broken with nearly two decades of tradition by not hosting an iftar dinner to mark Islam's holy month of Ramadan.

"It is disappointing because that's been a good tradition," Imam Talib Shareef of the Nation's Mosque in Washington, D.C., told Newsweek Friday. "To stop it doesn't send a good message. [...] the message that it sends is that we're not that important."


Petty little men


By providing additions to Trump’s ever growing list of enemies that he needs to keep his base engaged, Muslims are VERY “important” to Trump’s sinister divide and conquer strategy.


You never know, this may be a blessing in disguise. I think of republicans that have to see and talk to guy every day and feel sorry for them. Remember Comey, he would prefer to not be in the same room alone with the man.


Just last week, Melania and the demented dimwit brought the exec chef from the Trump DC hotel/restaurant to be the Head Usher of the WH. Wonder how many Iftars he has organized??? Besides, the orange oaf and his arm candy would not know what to say to any of the dignitaries on such an occasion. His boorish bombast would not go over at all well and Melania would stand around like a statue to be admired. Just as well, it would more than likely have been very uncomfortable for all in attendance. Yup, the demagogue that just keeps on giving…destroying…disrupting…denigrating…disparaging. Ugh!


As long as there is an electoral college this seems like a viable strategy. I read that it is actually possible to win the presidency with only 23% of the vote. They just have to be the correct states. Besides dividing based on race and ethnicity he has to continue to count on Republican voter suppression. Whether Russia will help him a again is not known but it certainly wouldn’t hurt him if they did. Fake news is still going full blast and that is essential for Trump to survive politically. If reality was ever accepted throughout the country he would probably have to leave the country. His entire support depends on lies. So far it seems to be working for him.


TRUMP “important?” What a sick joke THAT is!!! He’s nothing but a thieving, unpleasant to look at, bastardized creep, that will do ANYTHING FOR MONEY!!! P-A-R-A-S-I-T-E-S like that are hardly “important!” GET HIM OUT OF THE WHITE HOUSE!!!


Gosh, what will his new Saudi tight buddies think about this, I wonder. Maybe nothing a few billion in fighter jets can’t smooth over.