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Trump Flees DC Climate Protests for 'Campaign-Style Rally' Marking 100 Days


Trump Flees DC Climate Protests for 'Campaign-Style Rally' Marking 100 Days

Deirdre Fulton, staff writer

President Donald Trump's 100-day speech in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania was "deeply disturbing," marked by false claims of crowd size, "surreal," and rife with


I'd actually bet he was mostly ignoring the climate protests and "fleeing" the WH Correspondents Dinner.


Trump continues to ply the old Magician's ploy, of Misdirection.


What Donald Trump fails to understand is that his own grandchildren will face the wrath of a world of angry humans with long memories.


He does not care what happens to his grandchildren.


... or attempt it.


I actually think that he does care about his grandchildren, but he assumes that their wealth will shelter them from all consequences. He is less aware than, say, the British royals that the days of such shelter are numbered. He thinks because he doesn't read others' Twitter feeds, for instance, that they don't exist.


No, he's good at it.


Does he even have any? That's a great missed photo opportunity. Are his children thinking of adoption, perhaps? Maybe from Russia; I hear they have experience in these matters with U.S. public and private agencies, too.
Of course, " baby vetting " could be a big problem. Perhaps the Obamas could vet them first. Or, AG Jeffrey Beauregard " El Bo Bo " Sessions could set up a program where the U.S. exchanges Honduran children, escaping American trained death squads, who are then swapped for Russian children, escaping Putin's trained death squads.


Prolly right.


Lots of empty seats at the Loser-in-Chief's "rally."


No need for personal disparagement. Look for video of the arrival at Mar-al-Ego for the weekend with Xi. Ivanka followed down the stairs from AFOne with her two children, barely maintaining control. The older child, under his own steam, pointed up the motorcade to grandpa's car, clearly wanting to stay with him and having a hard time understanding that it wasn't appropriate. Ivanka had to reel him back.


His children and anyone else alive today with a life expectancy of more than 20 years.


Jefferson Beauregard.


Herr Trump the New Face of Fascism raises his chin up like Mussolini and commands his gestapo to "get the protester out of here" while his obedient "Good Germans" cheer and yell in support. ALL people of conscience must resist and revolt against him.


Personal Disparagement? I don't follow The Celebrity Presidential Apprentice Show, so I didn't know. But, defending this extended family of grifters or normalizing the continuation of mass murder on a global scale, by the newest UniParty Commander-in-Chief isn't in my program guide, either.
Didn't you cringe just a little bit at the 100s of racist, mysoginistic, bigoted, lying, hateful and contemptible remarks this pig has spewed forth? And, his chips off the ol' block, are profiting from the garbage right now.
Every effort to make these people and their political goals " normal " is a step towards your own, and other citizens, early and untimely demise.
Do you understand what MOAB signifies? Do you know what invitations to the likes of Duterte and Erdogan, signifies? Healthcare and lies? Tax cuts and lies? Climate Change and lies? Oil & natural resource extraction on/in national monuments and lies? Normalize at your own peril, not me and mine. And, thanks in advance.


His friends call him Jeff Bo or Jethro or Jeff Throw, I'm thinking. My sincere apology to " El Bo Bo " and people named Jeffrey everywhere.
No personal disparagement intended, of course.


No need to disparage me, either, though you didn't connect your reply. And there's a long distance between "defending" or normalizing and holier-than-they blackballing. djt is what we have to deal with, and dealing with him and his realistically is going to be much more effective than screaming to the choir. Let's analyze and find real ways to defeat him.


Those were just ??s, not personal disparagements. Sorry, I forgot it was Sunday.


Satan's diapered baby doll runs from all those climate people-because he knows eventually with 200,000 souls there if he was nearby they would create a fissure to hell he would karma fall into. He's not ready yet to die before he tries to kill more life on earth. But he will enter Scratch's home, sooner or later.....