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Trump Foes Issue Call to 'Resist Fascism' in Full-Page New York Times Ad


Trump Foes Issue Call to 'Resist Fascism' in Full-Page New York Times Ad

Nadia Prupis, staff writer

Thousands of activists, journalists, scientists, entertainers, and other prominent voices took out a full-page call to action in the New York Times on Wednesday making clear their rejection of President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence with the simple message: "No!"


There will be something like a 9-11 before long either from off-shore encouraged by the insanity of Trump or by Trumpers who need an excuse to take away civil rights. They have no intention of letting people get in the way of especially getting as much oil as possible to the gulf to sell off-shore for profit. That is why Rex T will be 3rd in line for the Presidency.


Just a minor correction here. The Vice President (soon to be Pense) is first in line. The Speaker of the House (Paul Ryan) is second in line. the President Pro Tempore of the Senate (Orrin Hatch) is third in line and the Secretary of State (T, Rex as nominated) is fourth in line. I never thought Orrin Hatch would look like a good idea.


It's strange to me that we are rising up against Trump when we should have been rising up against Obama when he put into the NDAA that we can be locked up without trial back in 2014 and now when he signs off on the new department of truth which attacks our press / speech freedoms, part of the 2017 NDAA - $160 million appropriated to give pro-U.S. propaganda overseas and to watch us if we say anything bad about the corporate run nation we have become. Where were we then?

We are so horrified of Trump when if he exercises the powers that Obama has given him, we will really be in hot water. I write about the demonization of independent news here. Thanks Obama. You did a great job hiding behind the letter D. https://turningpointnews.org/exposing-political-corruption/why-we-need-independent-media


What does this really accomplish? Can we really stop a Trump presidency before it starts? Are we just driving the partisan wedge deeper? Beyond catharsis, how can we resist more effectively and draw the allies we need to build an effective movement?

It seems to me that our focus needs to be on issues, on defending our rights, exposing destructive policies and crooked, racist politicians (of both parties) for what and who they are, crippling the incoming administration, working to get progressives elected in 2 years and in building a progressive backlash.

Occupations and protests will be necessary but they need to be around issues that will draw public support, not just against people or parties we disapprove of.


Don't forget to include the Ryan-McConnell-led repub House and Senate in the Trump regime. They are the ones that are going to deal the real damage.

The exposure and public outcry of unethical House repubs under Ryan have led to a rocky start.. Keep it up.


Is their any country in the world more dangerous than the new American, Fascist regime?

" Trump is " assembling a regime of grave danger". But I do not see any way to disassemble the coming regime....do you?


This may have worked if the very same signers (and the rest of us) had not stood by the last eight years, while Obama put the fascist security/control apparatus in place. (Picking up the Patriot Act where the Bush regime left off and advancing the agenda seemlessly.) Flying Spaghetti Monster help us!


I think you are correct here. As illustration, Colorado 2012, the legalization of cannabis united more, and got more votes (by over 50k) than Obama did, who Colorado voters loved. Party affiliation never entered the picture, and had no part in the #64 movement. In fact, we had LEAP (Law Enforcement Against Prohibition) on our side, an anti-prohibition org with over 100K members formed by about 6 cops.

However, the most influential public person on #64 was probably Mason Tvert, who began his fight for legalization way back when he was in college. And the legalization legislation battle actually began back pre-2000, and Amendment #20, medical marijuana was voted in 2000. It took 10 years to implement. #64 only took 2 years.

I think the 15$ movement has the chance, but it needs to form with other issues to be massive enough. That is the trick. BLM, LGBT, Immigration rights, equal pay, climate change The passion of Occupy with the number of people of the Tea Party.


It is hard to react with such resistance against something that hasn't yet happened. I think the courts are the first line of defense. We don't want to get where Turkey is now. They have a full state of emergency that has been renewed several times by their legislatures. This is has been caused by terrorist acts. It is unlikely such terrorists acts will occur here on that scale but that is the most obvious excuse for suspending civil rights. In France a state of emergency was also called after terrorist acts. I think the most important thing will be to resist any attempt to use terrorists acts to suspend civil liberties. We can expect fear mongering over acts of terror or even over reports of plots. I expect the color coded states of emergency to return but without Tom Ridge. It will probably be fear over terror 24/7. Given how easy it is to frighten people this is something to be very concerned about.


I agree. Too bad that Obama did not indict Bush for war crimes for his murderous, shocking, awful, illegal attack and regime change in Iraq.

" We are so horrified of Trump when, (not if) he exercises the powers that Obama has given him." I would add that what is truly horrifying to me is what the country that I love has now become and I wish I had been wrong, but when Bush attacked Iraq and millions like me protested all over the world, and it did not do any good, I knew America had become a militaristic Empire; a military dictatorship used to protect, not the average American; not to bring foreign countries the canard that we are "bringing them freedom and democracy " but to protect the vested interests of the Amerikan Empire!


You said what I was just going to say. Thanks.
While we fight the take over of America we must remember it is the Dems that laid the ground work from Clinton to Obama or none of this would have happened. We aren't just fight Trump and fascism we are fighting both parties and their march toward fascism.
Sure the Dems will feign progressive as they half halfheartedly fight his proposals but make no mistake, they are not going to do any better when they get back in power. We must fight the system and not fall into identity politics.


If (natural) people were to join together in some kind of union, maybe forge a fascist-free form of "party" for us...


I think #64 passed because it was extremely well written. Colorado is a blue state but the rural areas carry a lot of weight and they are mostly Republican.
I have always thought that bringing groups with single issues together for strength and clarity is the way to go.


Yes, Trump looks like a fascist. Yes, he will almost certainly be terrible. Yes, I am preparing to leave the country with my family.


Where was all this "unite against fascism" stuff during the Obama administration? This is a guy who assassinates people will robots - and then gets a Nobel Peace Prize for it! Endless war, corporate bailouts, lobbyists writing our laws, coups against democracies, and now he's leaving office on a high note with a fucking RED SCARE.

Yes, we should resist fascism. BUT that includes the Democrats, too!



Totally agree with you! But many of us DID vote for Bernie, and then they stole the primary and most people didn't even blink. So yeah, the U.S. went fascist a long time ago, and "our" political system is no longer (never was?) capable of reforming itself. It'll probably get worse under Trump, but at least there won't be a war with Russia.


We certainly have to resist any attempt of Trump to register Muslims. This appears to be the first step he wants to take to make the country "safer." Given his lies about how much street crime there is this another area of concern, particularly in African American neighborhoods. Another concern is how far he will go to deport nondocumented Hispanic immigrants. He has threatened to deport only those criminal records first but that group isn't large enough if he intends to deport millions. The threat from Trump will probably come from his fear mongering about dangers and promises of safety. For many people, particularly white people in the US, the safest type of society is probably a police state. That is the problem.


As I have variously argued, progressives must seize power from the Democratic Party in order to force it left.

And the only way this might be done is by an insurrectionist movement of progressives that overtly refuses to support the Democratic Party short of binding power-sharing agreements with the left - as is normal in a parliamentary coalition government.

It is not only about giving progressives a democratic voice: the Democratic Party's right liberal, liberal elite politics cannot prevail - cannot engage enough voters, cannot prevail as a set of ideas - against the right of today.


A problem for the Democratic Party is that the right has created world that is appealing to many people. In this world climate change is not happening so they do not have be concerned about rising electricity rate, or loss of jobs in the fossil fuel industry, or government regulations about what kind of car they drive, etc. These people on the right do not appreciate the efforts of the Democratic Party to protect them as well as everyone else from the worst effects of climate change. So, how does the Democratic Party reach millions of voters who are entirely divorced from reality? The voters they need to reach are living in a make believe bubble. Progressives are also fighting climate change and will be faced with same problem, how to appeal to people who are out of reality.


The parade started on the afternoon of November 22, 1963.