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Trump for President? Giving the GOP Nightmares


Trump for President? Giving the GOP Nightmares

Ralph Nader

Donald Trump, the bombastic builder of Trump towers and Trump gambling casinos is moving from his reality TV show to the theater of presidential elections. If he survives the first three months of mass media drubbing him and his notorious affliction of ‘leaving no impulsive opinion behind,’ he’s going to be trouble for the other fifteen or so Republican presidential candidates.


Trump or Bernie.

Let me think…

Chains or F-35’s?

I’ll take F-35’s for a trillion dollars :weary:


“Americans love to vote for rich people”

Ralph is right about that. Many Americans don’t realize or care that rich people make them poor. A fact that the ultra rich cover over with media propaganda calling themselves “job providers”, as if only private tyrannies provide jobs.

“The way to get rich is to make others poor”.


But what’s the point of this Ralph? We’re screwed no matter who is running or gets elected because none of these guys are the ones actually running the show.


I can’t speak for anyone else but this “alleged progressive” has a bit of a problem with ANYONE who supports such MIC blood soaked monstrosities. It runs counter to Bernie Sander’s other valid positions.

Again, I hope that Bernie Sanders stays in and actually wins against Hillary Clinton for the nomination. I’m glad that he is breaking into the MSM finally and that there is a chance his statements against inequality get a wide audience. It is a good thing.


Sorry Ralph, but science fiction is not your forte.


My thoughts exactly…


“Some of Trump’s positions have sizable support . . .[with me, derided by Emanuel, was it, or some Obama hireling, as one of the critics on the left]. public works programs on a big scale… . . jobs, jobs, jobs . . . He objects strongly to the trade agreements, including the proposed Trans-Pacific deal now in the news . . . , He is against Common Core and federalizing education. He warned against invading Iraq in some detail, . talks about the mistreatment of veterans.”

How can one prefer Clinto’s positions to these?

“He wants to build a tall wall on the Mexican border. He is for a strong military . . . He exudes self-confidence and attaches it to American national interests.”

Here we part company.

As between Clinton and Trump, I’d choose the lesser evil.


My guess is that Bernie’s rumpled hair will get more attention than his views on inequality.


It is being deployed and the models within the F35 class will be killing humans. Excuse Sanders for supporting ultimately over one trillion USD expenditure through the MIC? No.


If in this instance progress is defined by giving Sanders a break on support for a one trillion USD weapons program, then I’m definitely going to be regressive. Sanders as president would certainly be a progression in the right direction, but it is an open question whether or not a Sanders Administration would seek to close military bases, withdraw troops or significantly scale back the Pentagon budget.


I did flee the country for exactly those reasons, and because of the increasingly hostile murderderous mood spreading like a kind of rapidly metastasizing social cancer throughout the land. But there truly is noplace safe to go to. Where I am now is right on the edge of the part of the ocean where the stupid useless little islands that the US and China are dancing on the edge of nuclear war about are located.

Nation state leaders do these war dances, which could easily get out of hand and lead to the real use of weapons of mass destruction, to distract the public from the pressing real problems that they are, for reasons well understood by progressive minded websites, powerless to do anything about.

The so-called Cold War lasted the entire length of my now lengthy lifetime without slipping over the precipice of MAD final war, and I count myself as lucky to have made it this far. But can that kind of dumb luck stick it out for today’s young and middle aged “folks”?


Ralph, a Walter Lippmann I"m not, but might I offer a modest proposal? If you could convince The Donald to stifle his runaway ego, he’s sitting on political gold, something big, even bigger than his Chicago Tower; he should invite the phlegmatic Sheldon Adelson to join him to form a unity ticket. He is the perfect counterpoint to the choleric Trump. Trump and Adelson in 2016, imagine the placard waving hordes from coast to coast, USA T and A, USA T and A,…


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It has nothing to do with science fiction. Nader is simply stating some truths. He did not say anything about Trump becoming president, he simply pointed out that he could be a spoiler for many.

Trumps is messing with both the Republican and the Democratic parties and that is not a bad thing.


Appreciate your response. Even if Bernie Sanders wanted to do such a thing I doubt he could pull the strings to get it done because of how entrenched and great the power is of the MIC. Would just like to hear some movement in that direction coming from Bernie. As to the economic repercussions, the closing of the bases would save money over the first decade surely and that money could be earmarked to be spent to ameliorate that displacement economic impact that you mention.


Trump is not going to give anyone nightmares. He is not a serious candidate for anything. He is the buffoon, with the big mouth and the toupee. Most people just laugh at him. I don’t think he cares. He is such an egomaniac, that as long as he has people’s attention, he is happy.


This is true.