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Trump Forced to Postpone $100K-Per-Couple Gala Plans as Shutdown Looms


Trump Forced to Postpone $100K-Per-Couple Gala Plans as Shutdown Looms

Julia Conley, staff writer

The president had planned to leave for Mar-a-Lago as the Senate was racing to meet a midnight deadline to keep the government funded


DACA, CHIPS, disaster relief, secret intelligence funding w/o oversight, obscene DoD budget



Party down now, folks, The Great Depression of 2019 is ticking, count the minutes now, get that last drink, that last line. Welcome to the promise of the 1980’s.


That lead photo is the makings of a fine picnic—a ham (no, make that a blutwurst in a tuxedo) and a tart.

The phrase “tone-deaf” doesn’t begin to do justice…


welcome to my very own “banana republic”


So–who is paying for this “trip?”


and never open it back up again… Please.


I would not want a seat at Trump’s table if it was free! Anyone who would pay that kind of $$$$ to sit with Trump…I am at a loss for words!


In the southern hemisphere, in Brazil, the coup bobble head for corporate interests (where Monsanto and the rest of the agribusiness agrotoxin interests make their big bucks) doing their damndest to destroy all semblance of Constitutional rights is Michel Temer. A tru fascist in the same cut as Trump. Dare I say …we need to KNOW the enemies of stable healthy societies.

The way-back machine at 2016 at Counterpunch
Parallel Lives: Trump and Temer

and Christopher Brauchuli - who was cited around the world for his observations during the campaigns


Yeah. He should be paying them to sit next to him. Hopefully there won’t be any soup or they might put their heads in it and drown themselves. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Fuck the rich pricks and Mango Mussolini.
Let them eat the stale leftover cake.
Eat the rich!


Those who can spend $100,000 per couple to dine with Trump do not need a tax cut! They need a tax increase!