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Trump Foundation Can't Be Dismantled While It's Under Investigation, Says New York AG


Trump Foundation Can't Be Dismantled While It's Under Investigation, Says New York AG

Nika Knight, staff writer

President-elect Donald Trump will be legally barred from fulfilling his promise to dissolve the Trump Foundation before he takes office in January because the charity is still under investigation, said a spokesperson for New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman Tuesday.


Maybe more grounds for impeachment when this is done. He settled on the Trump University law suit without having to admit guilt which removed that from grounds for impeachment. Otherwise if he has lost that lawsuit he could have been impeached for fraud.


Apparently trump cannot evade the law or indictment for crimes of the trump foundation's activities, but how was he able to evade the law with the $25 million settlement "deal" apparently warding off the criminal fraud and racketeering charges - how and why was that allowed? Who signed-off on that? Are there still any criminal liabilities extant re trump university scam, or have they all been washed away - swept under the political rug?

"Schneiderman, in a statement announcing the deal, called it a “stunning reversal” by Trump, who had “fought us every step of the way, filing baseless charges and fruitless appeal​s​ and refusing to settle for even modest amounts of compensation for the victims of his phony university.” Phony is right; one pillar of Schneiderman’s lawsuit was that Trump had not even bothered to get his “university” licensed by New York state as a bona fide educational institution."


I believe it is common in settlements that there is no admission of guilt. This is what occurred when the federal government sued Trump for racial discrimination in renting apartments several decades ago and it was settled without an admission of wrongdoing. I don't think a lot of people would settle if it meant they had to admit guilt. I doubt if Trump would have settled if he had to admit fraud.


How cool would it be to see the orange-or-tan in an orange jumpsuit????? :smiling_imp:


A real mobster. Glad our NY state attorney general is investigating him. Maybe Federal attorney general Bahara could also help out. I would like to see a list of all Trump's "settlements," without guilt. hmm.


And where are the congressional opposition leaders? Ain't heard too much from them, whomever they might be. No guts. The electoral college failed to do its assigned duty, which leaves the matter of dealing with Trump to us. Ridicule him. He can't take it. Embarrass him at his ongoing "rallies." Win local elections with opposition candidates. Boycott products of his enablers (google Koch Industries consumer products for one list). Make his pointy head spin. But most of all, move along without him and his cabinet thugs; dishonor his term in office. Make your democrat senators block his nominations and legislative efforts. Show this vile scum the door.


Preet is the United States attorney for the southern district of New York, not the attorney general of the United States. Still it would be helpful for him to go after Trump.


Thanks for the correction, I just meant a federal guy here in NY. Happy New Year.

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You mean without his tanning bed? Oh, the horror.


We can only hope this is the one that gets him but most likely he will settle or get special treatment in some way.


Related story: Trump's nominee for Secretary of (um) Education, Betsy DeVos (billionaire), has/had a bogus org similar to the other bogus org ("No Child Left Behind"). It was sued and was ordered to pay (by the State of Ohio) $5.3 million in 2006. Of course, hasn't paid.

 I know I'm using the term naively, but wouldn't just multiple instances of moral turpitude carry some weight?  Ordinary civil servants are dismissed for much lesser faux pas than those he's guilty of.  Certainly a president should be held at least to that standard.  Just the recording of his crass expectations and reported insults and assaults toward women place him well beyond the presidential pale.  I'm flabbergasted that any so-called Chistian politician would consent to be his running mate...no matter how fragile his (v.p.) commitment to Christ.  ?????????  
 Though his blatant and grotesque misogyny has been been treated dismissively by many Americans, it should be disqualifying in and of itself.  We as a people are well past condoning publicly salacious denigration of women by our prospective leaders as was directed toward the female debate moderator.  This was shocking and reprehensible. 
  We need to throw all these trumpista cretin bums out before Inauguration Day.  They are all a putrid stain on the body politic.  The Electoral College did not perform its constitutionally determined duty.  We should cancel their votes now on those grounds.  Donald Trump won no mandate and he does not properly or appropriately represent the majority of Americans.  His having been allowed to blather on this far is a horrific travesty we will all of us live to sorely regret.  It's mortifying to stand before the rest of the world and declare this _________ our leader.  I found fault with GWBush, but even though I resented the Supreme Court's decision for his election, my measure of him as a man would never fall so low as for this_______.  It shouldn't matter what your party is.  This man should not be sworn into office.  Impeachment is too good for him and a waste of the people's time and resources.


Nice foreshadowing :slight_smile:


Your message is rendered unreadable and thus incomprehensible due to the format that was somehow employed.........................


Too big to be inconvenienced.


Scenario: Trump costs the states and the federal government millions in legal fees (getting them to pay both sides of law suits), rides the legal challenge wave right up to the point of crashing, resigns in cloud of verbal obfuscation and is pardoned by Pence as he walks off with billions stolen from the nation.


So why isn't he disqualified for taking the oath of office for President? leader of the free world. What a joke we've made out of our democracy with Trump leading the choir and all dems and republicans falling in line.


Yes, but if you slide the scrolling side to side instead of up and down, it's fully readable. I didn't see how to change it to normal scrolling or what I must have done to make it scroll horizontally......Thanks.:rose: