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Trump Furthers War on Science With 'Illegal' Nomination of Climate Denier for Top USDA Scientist


Trump Furthers War on Science With 'Illegal' Nomination of Climate Denier for Top USDA Scientist

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

As the administration continues to take a "wrecking ball" to science, President Donald Trump on Wednesday officially nominated climate change denier, conservative talk radio host, and former Trump campaign co-chair Sam Clovis to the top science job at the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).


“Dismantling the Administrative State” requires placing fast talking business vultures in charge of the remains.


This bass turd will do everything he can to keep food carcinogenic.


One more step towards fascism. Our society is based on science. Disregard science and guess what will happen, Does Trump and his fellow fascists have a Planet B ready to go to? How could Trump be more popular than Clinton. Could Clinton actually worse than someone who is destroying the world?


Gosh, it’s almost as if they’re trying to kill poor people as if they’re a liability – that can’t possibly be the case, can it? (Snark) Feed them carcinogens (because they can’t afford anything else) and polluted drinking water, and when they show up in the ER because they don’t have health insurance, turn them over to collections when they can’t pay their $3000 (if they’re lucky) bill. Then, maybe sending them to debtor’s prison at a for-profit institution would be a good way to turn that liability into profitability?


“See America, what you got yourself into for not voting for Bernie!” “I just can’t help myself, you peons are so easily conned and uninformed, I love it!” - What an “alt-trump” might say or probably thinking 24/7 - lol


The utter contempt trump shows for our republic and people, the earth and environment, common decency and common sense, has gone over the top…the ginger pig - sorry, I have nothing but contempt for that hideous creature and his entire family - is a cancer on the world; a person of shallow experience, no respect for the lives of others, zero concern or empathy for the natural world and least among us - a pathology that must be quickly extinguished …a pig in human form deserving of nothing but contempt… …


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FhQM41vBKvs - let the music keep our spirits high…


Well, the stupid wanted someone stupid like them, and they sure succeeded!


It was Democrats who didn’t vote for Bernie. In fact, he lost just about every closed primary. Maybe Democrats don’t like voting for someone who has been an Independent in Congress and has actually run against Democrats in Vermont. Apparently Democrats would prefer to vote for real Democrats rather than someone who opportunistically became a Democrat just to run in the primary. Loyalty to party sometimes matters.


I propose we start calling this dude the Clovis Guy.

As many of you might know, the Clovis man was a homo sapiens that lived in the northwest US about 12 thousand years ago and whose remains (actually, an adolescent) have been found in Montana.

The Clovis Guy probably worshiped the stars. I intend no offense to Bill Nye, the “Science Guy” who I have a high respect for.


Well, I’m a Democrat (or was) but I prefered to vote for Bernie over your back-stabbing sweetheart. Oh and here’s another foolish quote from you, wherein you accuse Blacks of being Racists in their support of “Clinton.”

“Perhaps they (Black voters) were worried that Bernie seemed to be aiming his message too much to the white working class voters.” LRX, 9 hours ago (Tom Gallagher article.)


And Hillary lost most of the caucus decisions where the party faithful turn out. She got clobbered in Alaska of all places.


I voted for Bernie in the primary too. But how did you vote in the general election, and did your state’s status as “safe” or closely-contested influence that vote? Me, I watched the Nate Silver site, and when Pennsylvania clearly approached toss-up status - I ended my string of five Nader/Green protest votes and pushed “Hillary Clinton” on the touch screen. Because any sane, logical thinking, non-reactionary extremist who knew the stakes involved, knew this was the only action to take to try to prevent a Trump election.

The ongoing events have totally vindicated that decision - but I am feeling no schadenfreude, only fear and outrage.

Because, with the help of the “never Hillary” leftists for Trump, we are now going to have all of the hundreds of appointed assistant secretary and undersecretary positions filled with totally unqualified reactionary extremists just like Pruitt, Devos, and Clovis - and they are going to fill all the upper level civil service administrative spots with their extremist friends as people like me and many of my colleagues resign from civil service in disgust.

All of this could have been prevented had the voters had even the most fundamental knowledge of how the US government works and the tremendous power the POTUS wields through the agencies.


Relax. I live in Minnesota, so my 3rd party vote was safely cast. Sweet Hillary took MN.


It works the other way too. Had I lived in West Virginia, I would have voted for a 3rd party…


I agree entirely while holding nose to try to prevent fascist ignoramus orange turd even supporting establishment insider Hillary.

No schadenfreude just existential angst and bewilderment at general stupidity and selfishness and small mindedness and bitter vile rw racism.

Nobody in us seems to realize what a paradigm changing thing just happened i.e. rest of planet ironically ecstatic at such a retar%ed fool of a president serial sexua! predator etc undercutting decades of intelligent diplomacy in six mos.

Nobody knew, right?; believe me. Sad.


Trumpenfurher hasn’t a fu$%ing clue how aNything works. He is ignorant bull in China shop.

He appoints even more extremist retar%ed empty heads to his empty nepotistic pol!tburo to try to make himself look presidential by comparison. Really not good future especially for trump voters.
Already lowest approval for pres and Congress in us history. Sad.

Thx to orange I’d!ot already too late to save jobs health econ educ envir. now for too many. Prob will still blame Obama after he reverses all Obama’s global detente and progress. His id!ot supporters will just clap nod empty heads…


“Stupidity is as necessary as intelligence, and as difficult to attain.”