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Trump Furthers War on Workers With Announcement of Slashed Pay Increases


Trump Furthers War on Workers With Announcement of Slashed Pay Increases

Andrea Germanos, staff writer

Continuing his war on workers, President Donald Trump on Thursday announced he was slashing the scheduled pay raises for federal workers.


We have “buyer’s remorse” laws for door to door sales, to protect us from when some fast talker sells you something that is different from what gets delivered to you. We need an elector’s remorse law for similar. I am suggesting that an elector’s remorse vote that is taken on the Labor Day after the election is needed, so that we can retire administrations that behave far differently from what they promised when they were selling themselves to us.


rump thinks he can survive with just his racist bigoted base. He’s wrong.


What you are asking for is a recall vote for president. Excellent idea (and should be in place for all elective offices). Give officials a year to make good on their campaign promises. If they stray off that path, vote them out and set up new elections for a replacement. Looks like we need another constitutional amendment.


This occurs almost every year. What about Obama’s “war on workers”?

Trump had until midnight Thursday to formally announce a 2018 pay raise proposal for federal workers. If the president does not inform Congress of an alternative pay plan, a formula-based increase automatically kicks in, in accordance with the 1990 Federal Employees Pay Comparability Act. Under FEPCA, the base raise is determined by the change in the Employment Cost Index minus 0.5 percent, which for 2018 would have been about 1.9 percent.

According to the White House, the locality pay increase as mandated by FEPCA would have averaged 26.16 percent and would cost the government $26 billion. Although since the enactment of FEPCA, presidents have routinely overridden the law’s automatic pay increases, citing a “national emergency or serious economic conditions,” Trump’s letter to Congress went beyond the boiler-plate language used by President Obama during his tenure.

“A pay increase of this magnitude is not warranted, and federal agency budgets could not accommodate such an increase while still maintaining support for key federal priorities such as those that advance the safety and security of the American people,” Trump wrote.


I agree but think that in cases like DJT, six months is more than enough. We have to bring a screeching halt to his and his cabinet secretaries and their destruction of our government, our environment, and our international relations. Threatening nuclear war is grounds for immediate dismissal and long-term incarceration.


I take exception to the last two words of the last paragraph: “Trump wrote.” In a pig’s eye…no way did he write any of that sentence or any text in the letter. There are no trite superlatives (majorly, bigly, hugely, tremendous, etc.) and the sentences make sense, which are not DJT traits.


No President “writes” anything with the exception of their own notes or corrections to things like speeches which are written and presented to them.


But, strangely, we seem to have plenty money for a 10% increase in “Defense” spending and escalating the failed, seemingly permanent “war” in Afghanistan. It seems that there is always plenty of money for “Defense” contractors, and for-profit prison corporations, but not ever enough for civilian working people. This is not a case of “smaller” vs. “larger” government, but rather a question of priorities. Class Warfare on steroids.


Au contraire, Wilson, FDR, Clinton, and Obama are examples of US presidents who were/are known to write many of their speeches, executive orders, and the majority of their letters. But then again, they all consistently exercised their intelligence, eloquence, education, life experience, and knowledge. DJT consistently displays his glaring lack of any of these qualities.


Few have pointed out that the bipartisan consensus to “create jobs” ignores the possibility of the government itself doing it. In fact, while the Republicrats bipartisanly bend over backwards to beg the corporations to create a few jobs, they do their best to “cut government waste” (read cut essential worthlwhile middle class government jobs). There’s plenty that our “representatives” could do if they weren’t willing whores of corporate America.


I can’t speak to Wilson or FDR. Modern Presidents however…

“From 1993 to 1995, Waldman was a special assistant to President Bill Clinton for policy coordination. As the top White House policy aide on campaign finance reform, he drafted the Clinton administration’s public financing proposal. From 1995 to 1999 he was Director of Speechwriting, serving as Assistant to the President, and was responsible for writing or editing nearly 2,000 speeches, including four State of the Union and two Inaugural Addresses.[2]”


I forgot to mention the greatest presidential writer and orator, Abraham Lincoln. Alexander Hamilton wrote George Washington’s speeches (I wrote my Masters’ thesis on the Washington-Hamilton personal and professional relationship). And who wrote Clinton’s speeches when he was governor of AR?


Writing or EDITING and Clinton served two terms requiring far more than 2000 speeches, formal or informal.


Why must you attack the detail rather than stay on topic?

Oh, and he had more than one speechwriter. And 2,000 speeches over 8 years is 250 a year. How many speeches did he give?

Jeff Shesol is an American historian, speechwriter, and comic strip author. He served as a speechwriter for President Bill Clinton and is now a partner at West Wing Writers, a speechwriting and strategy firm in Washington, D.C…[1]

As a White House speechwriter from 1998 to 2001, Shesol took a lead role on two State of the Union Addresses, the President’s 2000 Democratic National Convention speech, and the Farewell Address. His hundreds of other speeches covered a range of issues, including economic policy, global health, the federal budget, and the arts. Shesol also helped produce the noted mockumentary “The Final Days” for Clinton’s appearance at the 2000 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner.


Gee, what a surprise- attacking workers on labor day weekend. New special: Hurry Hurry get your 50% slash on salary and a reduction in health care. Little “pun” on this nonsense and how his supporters vote against their own interests.


Perhaps these one per centers should experience their own hurricanes without a chance of getting shelter or rescues.


Yes! And where is all the infrastructure building- of course Dump et al will use the hurricane recovery as a method to create “jobs.” And the people in those states will fall for it.


“Attack” is a little strong dontcha think? My intention was to point out parts that jumped out at me like “Trump wrote” when he deserves ZERO credit for writing anything beyond his ridiculous signature. He tells someone what he wants to say (in this case, probably his labor secy, Acosta…a Chamber of Commerce aficionado and “business man” whose stand on paying living wages (increasing the national minimum wage, perhaps?) and mandating corporate adherence to federal labor and occupational safety laws is tilted to the very far right…do nothing to reduce profits and freeze wages (DJT’s mantra, too). Not “attacking” you or your message…just sayin’


And do not forget the tax cuts for the obscenely wealthy, the only thing besides MIC spending they say yes to.