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Trump Gives Himself "A+" on Covid-19 Response as US Death Toll Hits Grim 200,000 Milestone

Originally published at http://www.commondreams.org/news/2020/09/21/trump-gives-himself-covid-19-response-us-death-toll-hits-grim-200000-milestone

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Here is the thing. With the mindset of the people that support Herr Trump they are going to believe him. These are the same people who insist the US has the beast health Care system in the world. They are the same people that deny there such a thing as Global warming caused by Humans. They are the same people that believe Iran was behind 9/11.

They are followers. They defer to the “Father Figure” and refuse to think for themselves. It an ability that is beyond them.

Most of us shake our heads in disbelief at the nonsense coming out of this idiots mouth , but his message is not for us. It for his minions.


“We’ve done a phenomenal job, not just a good job, a phenomenal job, other than public relations, but that’s because I have fake news.”

Does this mean that the 200,000 reported covid-19 deaths are fake news? I wonder if Hitler did not say much the same thing about the deaths of the Jews in Nazi, Germany?


True and I wonder if the politically, awake Germans in the 1930’s in Nazi, Germany did not feel much the same way?


The idea of corporations (banks) regulating themselves is no different than T grading himself.


From what I read of the White Rose and what they tried to accomplish , yes those people had to deal with the same slavish devotion to the Fuhrer.


Trump is now threatening Europe, as well as three “anarchist” cities.

We are watching a madman - a madman backed by a fanatical base - enabled by a Republican Party, which lost it completely when W took over.

And there is no visionary opposition.

It’s not just the middle class which is disappearing - it is the liberal class, which Chris Hedges pointed out some time ago.

US announces new Iran sanctions and claims it is enforcing UN arms embargo


New York among three ‘anarchist’ cities named by White House to lose funds


I think the financial meltdown and the total lack of justice following it will be seen at some point in the future as the biggest dead canary.

Now a madman lives in the White House - he is totally mad.

And like Italy in the 1920’s, and Germany in the 1930’s, there appears no way to stop him.

I’ve been thinking Shan - for democracy to work you need a solid liberal class.

  • you need JFK’s “able politicians”, responsive to the citizenry
  • and a private sphere that is responsive to that same able government.

That orange Kool Aid is so toxic yet they drink it with relish like mother’s milk. For those that think masks are about freedom be glad you don’t live here.(these ‘shit hole’ countries have some good ideas). ~https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/17/asia/indonesia-coronavirus-grave-diggers-intl-hnk-scli/index.html


From Neil J. Smith:

It makes small difference these days to try and make sense. Nobody listens to sense anymore. We all seem to be ensnared with gobbledygook and babble. We are a people going slowly insane. As the Greeks well noted, “Whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad.” The U.S., at this time in its history, fits that description nicely.


And if the madman that is unfit to be president! Wins in November, one has to wonder just how bad it will get? Another American… civil war?


The “very stable genius” gives himself an “A” on the covid pandemic. Right…" Sorry losers and haters, but my I.Q. is one of the highest -and you all know it!" - djt

“Trump has claimed his Cabinet has the highest IQ of any assembled in history.” - don’t know if that still holds, what with all the firings etc.

For a guy who cannot really put a coherent sentence together - certainly without repeating words or phrases several times - his claims of genius, clearly omit any real education.

Moving-on to further notes on giving himself an “A”, is the diagnostic test he recently took and “aced” - with doctors standing around commenting on his astounding performance who were “shocked” at the results.

Idiots R us in the trump WH from top to the fuckin bottom, and the list begins somewhere well below the middle…



Yes - but here’s the thing Giovanna. I am not mad - nor am I going insane. I am dead sure I have lots of company.

The Greeks considered hubris the greatest vice I believe.

People look around - they see they are not rich. A man says not too worry “MAGA”.

But look at this quote from “Fascism”, by Madeleine Albright:

“Respect for the rights of others is a lofty principle;
but envy is a primal urge.” (p. 114, hardcover ed.)

When you add in racism of several types, you have the equivalent of a super-hurricane brewing in an over-heated Gulf of Mexico.

The envy comes from the early '70’s, when oil started costing, and culminated in 2007/08.

Add in offshoring jobs, add in a globalized pandemic - here we are - leaderless.

Into the vacuum - comes Trump.

Does it matter if he wins ? I see him maneuvering to take charge no matter the result.


He has a genius for theater Emphyrio.

So did Hitler and Mussolini.

And he knows his base -


Actually according to Worldometer the death toll from covid-19 went over 200.000 a number of days ago and now it’s a little over 204,000. I always wonder what accounts for the difference between their numbers and the numbers that get reported in the media but I suspect it could be the government purposely underreporting things to make things look less dire than they already are. Worldometer seems to be a fairly factual site with thoroughly done research.

The mortality from covid-19 is another thing that has been consistently misreported from the very beginning. It has been at 5% since around June (and higher before that), but even liberal media outlets have been reporting it as being 3%, or even 1%. Not only is this a lie to the American people it gives people the sense the virus isn’t as deadly as it really is.


According to Chomsky (according to “New Statesman” via Reader Supported News) the Joint Chiefs have been war gaming it, with every scenario except a win by Trump leading to civil war. But don’t believe everything you read, especially now especially from the people for whom war games are play.


Noam Chomsky: The World Is at the Most Dangerous Moment in Human History

By George Eaton, The New Statesman

21 September 20


Fuhrer Trump is at the very least guilty of negligent homicide.
Pelosi should bring impeachment proceedings based on his lies to us about COVID, as revealed by Woodward’s audio.
He has no conscience, no empathy, no ethics.
Makes Nixon look like a saint.
Get rid of him.


OK - read that article - excellent.

I wonder who the two ‘high level military leaders’ were that wrote to the Pentagon’s Chief ?

It seems a bit much to ask the military to interpret the Constitution, when the Supreme Court can have such different opinions.

The difference with the military is that there is no going back if they do remove Trump - that is a text book coup d’état.

This really is not rocket science. You need a liberal view at the center - wherein the majority has rights, but so do the various minorities. And if the government is totally beholden to the corporate sphere, that is EXACTLY backwards for any democracy to bear that title.

That was Hitler and many of his top level aides -

I am not a psychologist - but there must be a term for that type of serial killer madness.


They are thinking “circle the wagons”, the Indians are attacking mentality. To these people only their tribe are entitled to live in America despite the fact that non of them are natives of America. Add to that their ISIS Wahhabi fanatic tendencies of the evangelicals and you’ve got an explosive fascist cocktail to deal with.

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The remedy to that is an overwhelming response in opposition to their backward thought process.

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