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Trump Goes 'Full Delusion Mode' With Unhinged Performance at Arizona Rally


Trump Goes 'Full Delusion Mode' With Unhinged Performance at Arizona Rally

Jake Johnson, staff writer

Rolling Stone's Matt Taibbi has witnessed many of Donald Trump's rallies and speeches, but the president's performance Tuesday night in Phoenix, Arizona—delivered as hundreds of protestors crowded the streets demanding "Mr. Hate" to leave their state—was the "craziest" yet.


When you have been privilegeed all your life then all of a sudden you get treated equally you think you are being attacked. Boo Hoo


He has to go.


Even should Mueller produce reams of evidence illustrating Trump’s guilt
AND the House impeaches him
AND the Senate convicts him
AND federal marshals carry the man out of the Oval Office in cuffs and chains,
he will NOT stop.
So long as he has loyalists hungering for his delusions, he will feed them, creating a permanent crevasse in the Republican party and a wrecked America incapable of finding consensus for cogent action.


Full Delusion is now his self chosen path.

The Ending has Begun.


Pretty sad state of affairs alright !

But it is also obvious Trump is not the only deranged one in the country - and unfortunately the numbers of the deluded and deranged are not small nor insignificant.

Toxic food - toxic lifestyles - toxic economics - toxic incredibly asymmetric wars unhinging even an all volunteer military - and the list goes on and on.

I sure hope things improve soon - this is a death spiral - shutting down government ???


Amazing how many Americans think whatever Trump says is just great. This goes for many repub officials as well. Crazy! Rmember though that this is still only about 25% of the population. Active gerrymandering, voter suppression and election fraud (not to mention Dem incompetence) have likely contributed significantly to Trump’s election and repubs to gain power.


Besides the obvious, he is really not an intelligent person. Listening to excerpts of the speech and how slowly he forms the most rudimentary words/thoughts in the English language - he is superficial and dumb.


Democratic pervasive corruption?


MSM is dishonest and corrupt.


MSM has a lot of honest and hard working journalists.


Trump is dishonest and corrupt.


The rally, and the frenzied reaction of his acolytes in the crowd, reminded me exactly of Nazi rally led by Hitler back in the 1930’s. Hate - check. Demonization of a free press - check. Comparing those who speak out against Nazis and hate and bigotry with the actual Nazis and biggots - check. Whipping his followers into a spittle-flying, frothing mass of brain-washed juiced-up worshippers - check. If they had all left the rally and began goose-stepping together up main street in rank upon rank, I would not have been surprised in the least. Trump is a very, very scary man. Even scarier - the millions upon millions of Americans (sic) who are so easily duped into believing every utterance from his orange, lying lips, and turning upon the rest of their fellow citizens like the rabid, twisted dogs that they are.


And while this absolutely psychopathic lunatic rants on - shockingly, but with little concrete result - the real damage is being quietly and efficiently done by the quite sane people came in with him heading the cabinet agencies.


Here he is in a state that refused to recognize Martin Luther King Day as a national holiday. He is with his people. This is fascism on the march. There really isn’t any presidency to speak of. Just a racist movement led by a fascist. The press is enemy number one for the white supremacist crowd with their Trump signs. Without a critical press they win. It is hard for any responsible Republicans to remove Trump because they depend on the same voters. What Trump has revealed is what these voters really believe. It can’t be much uglier but those who believe in democracy and tolerance must find a way to overcome all these racists and keep the country on course based on the Constitution.


Very well put. These rallies clearly demonstrate how scary things are.


The Cold Civil War heats up around the edges. Stay frosty, y’all!


Speaking of Pike, look up Albert Pike- Freemason, attorney, soldier, writer. He is the only Confederate with a statue in Washington, D.C., and I doubt it’s coming down any time soon…


You see things clearly, manysummits!


Trump is America.
America is Trump.
The bitter truth must be faced.