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Trump Goes 'Full Delusion Mode' With Unhinged Performance at Arizona Rally


A “lot”? Try, some.


Not to totally disagree Nighthawk, but Trump is a “fraction” of America.


Last night was nothing but a klan rally.


Or, perhaps he illustrates the fracture of America.


Only 25%?

In Canada Stephen Harper got himself a comfortable majority government (a solid mandate it was called by the conservative media) with only 25% of eligible voters voting for his party.

25% support for Trump in August 2017 is a disaster for the US and the world!


In a sea of white faces, there was one black face behind Trump’s podium with a sign “Blacks for Trump”. The irony was lost among the Bubbas.

The show must go on…


Royce –

You cite every reason for letting Trump go on, but provided he can’t pull any nuclear switches.

His supporters deserve to see him every day as he truly is, until they too want him removed.

Very sad that these illegal wars of aggression by US continue to go on, but we can also point to
a bunch of psychopaths running our MIC and NSA.

When both of our parties are run by capitalist psychopaths like Koch Bros., this is going to be
the best we can do right now.


Any revolution has to be non-violent and there are many ways to do that.
And, imo, the world is waiting for it – not just Americans.
We all need to stand together against Elites and their financial system of
Capitalism which is suicidal. Stop cooperating with it all in every way.


I’m having a slightly different take. It reminds me just a bit of a winger Grateful Dead concert.

The overwhelming problem with such a comparison is that the Dead broke new musical ground, fusing jazz and a great number of other influences into the rock world. Mr. Trump has no particular on-stage talent except to say, “you’re fired”.

That said, Mr. Trump is the Geek that people drive hundreds of miles to see. He says strange things on stage that most poets would fear to say (I’m sure not going to say that stuff!), but poets live in the realm of the possible, not so much in the realm of the real. I continue to believe that he likes to come on stage at least as coked out of his head as any member of the Dead ever was. And, his particular audience loves him to death for all this! I’m starting to wonder how he feels about groupies.

Then there’s the whole orange hair thing. Wowww man!! I saw GOD!!


Sooooo true! Trump is scary, but what is also really scary to me, is that millions of his acolytes think they are patriotic, good Americans.

Not much different than the frenzy of bellicosity of the “good Germans”, whipped up by Hitler.


Except that cocaine narrows the mind and limits experiencial thought. While LSD and hallucinogenics open the mind and allow different levels of egoless consciousness to flow. Either way, insanity is clearly the path for understanding.
In the Mango Mussolini’s case, apparently, he is walking the insane path, full of hate, bigotry and privilege. The boy/man is incapable of governing and needs to be removed from office.


Trumpy on hallucinogenics… It might help his performance. Might not.

Doonesbury is playing reruns of decades-old cartoons, this month all about Duke (modeled after a drugged-out Hunter S. Thompson, except he walks all sorts of corridors of power) and a much younger Donald Trump.


As a percentage of the total population, you are correct. In terms of their influence in our Government, the Trump supporters have an unduly greater effect than their numbers alone would seem to indicate. They largely control policy at most levels of Government (Federal, most States, and Counties as well). They have a greater representation in the ranks of our military and law enforcement than their actual percentage of the public at large. Authoritarianism and Fascism do not require a majority, and never have.


Thank you, Woodboot! That is precisely what has me so concerned.


Before today, I was content to think of Trump as just a nut case or ignoramus, but now I am very worried. His undisguised lying and willingness to fan the flames of hatred remind me of the Nazi playbook a generation ago. Attacks on the media are foreboding. Nazism in Germany started with exactly such roots.

If we do not wake up and pull together in earnest to resist, we will have no one to blame but ourselves.


In the major metropolitan areas no, But in rural America I think what you say is all too true. Many people in rural American still will not accept the many changes that have taken place over the last 70 years. Racial segregation was ended. Organized school prayer was banned. Abortion was legalized. Martin Luther King was given a national holiday. Millions of non-white immigrants entered the country. For the first time the US is not a majority white Protestant country. African Americans became movie stars, pop music stars, and stars in baseball, football, and basketball. A lot has changed.


And don’t think that it is mainly the stereotypical ignorant rural voter that elected Trump. That is a mostly false and misleading stereotype! The major metropolitan areas are all ringed by mostly affluent, mostly white, mostly “Christian”, mostly Republican-leaning suburbs and “gated communities” That’s why Congressional Districts get gerrymandered every ten years.


I agree, Trump may be a nut case who is mentally unstable, but he is a nut case that does have his finger on the nuclear codes.

If we do not resist NOW! We will have no one to blame but ourselves if Trump starts a nuclear war.

" I am very worried." If Trump doesn’t worry you it means either you are a Trump supporter or have not been paying attention!


Hi Holy –

You’ve got it –

And since Elites rise to power on violence, it is essential to break the chain of
violence which has brought them to power.

In order to STOP wars, men must understand that they are not part of Elite patriarchy
and restore their bonds with women and children.

Another long chain of violence begins with “Introducing the Cross with the Sword” as
organized patriarchal religions spread hatred and fear and violence in order to create
a one-all-male-god and religion based in fear of “Satan” and “Devil” and “Hell” which
are the inventions of patriarchy to control the minds of members and all of society.

Another long chain of violence is the animal-slaughter industry
over 40 million animals are killed for fur worldwide.
Over 56 billion farmed animals are killed every year

There are many other ways, everyone pulling the plug on cable TV at one time for instance.

Moving on any of these issues introduces a very positive aspect, whether the health
of those being harmed by animal-eating, or stopping the use of males in our society as
fodder for wars.

Sadly, I do think that the reality of the rigging of our elections is so clear that we
may be coming to a point where more of us will boycott elections and that has
been going on for a long time already.

Imo, it is impossible to for citizens of this nation to make clear that we know that
we have corrupt government with criminals and psychopaths running the nation
and our MIC/NSA and yet still participate and cooperate with this corrupt system.



It’s the ranks of Military and Law Enforcement that concern me the most, however, as I know you have seen, when the masses which oppose this authoritarian asshole show up peacefully, they stand down.

As has been done in other countries with corrupt politicians, when the masses unite with the same message and deliver it in person in an unrelenting display for the entire world to see, the results are swift and as desired.